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Opinion Line Extra (March 13)

It is human nature to want to belong to a group, either left or right. But it is also our job to fight against this impulse and learn to work with each other.

We bet that even those with a modicum of intelligence are at least beginning to realize now that maybe George Bush and Dick Cheney weren’t so bad after all.

When the Koch brothers are criticized, a defender very often will point a finger at George Soros – as if tossing dirt onto Soros will clean up the Kochs.

Have you ever wondered why so many liberals demonize Sarah Palin? Because they’re afraid of truth, good people.

The reality of the political left and how much they value education can be seen on display in New York, as the liberals go in and shut down the best-performing schools. Education gets in the way of their power-seeking agenda. Hypocrites.

In Leonard Pitts’ column about liberal atheist stand-up comic Laurie Kilmartin and her dying father (March 10 Opinion), Pitts didn’t point out the irony in her implying that she would want to one day hug her father again. Just where exactly will this meeting take place?

Now that the City Council has chosen to rename the airport, the next item should be renaming the city. After all, people who do not live here call it “Wa-CHEE-tah.”

With an election coming up this fall, why not let the voters decide on renaming the airport by adding the question to the ballot?

We should just change the name of the new airport terminal to “Billary Clinton National.” That would save other name changes in the future. That covers two presidents, Bill and future Hillary.

Thanks for the article about the cabbies having felony records (March 9 Eagle). We planned to take a cab to Ike Airport to avoid parking hassles, but who wants one of them knowing we’re away and where we live?

Anyone notice how the city street sweepers spent most of their time on the east side of town while the west side is still a big sandbox?

I’ve got a new idea for a milk-carton message: Don’t be a self-centered jerk.

Hey, people, and especially my sister-in-law: The past tense of “ask” is “asked.” You weren’t ask to do something yesterday.

The center turn lane can be used to turn into traffic (merge). That’s what it’s there for – to help cars that are turning left. That way they can cross busy traffic.

If you want timed lights, you will have to do away with traffic demand left-turn signals. You can choose to wait a minute or two at the next light or wait forever behind someone turning left without the benefit of a signal.

Whatever happened to the Corvair made by GM?