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Opinion Line Extra (March 12)

The Shockers follow two mantras to perfection. They “play angry” and “refuse to lose.”

I keep wondering how much Florida paid to get their No. 1 position. It’s a shame that they are 29-2 with a No. 1 and WSU has 34-0 and is No. 2. Makes you wonder.

Congratulations to WSU and coach Gregg Marshall for going 34-0 and winning the Missouri Valley Conference and tournament. Now Marshall should call up Creighton and thank them for leaving the Missouri Valley last year to make this all possible this year.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s salary was $44 million last year. How can anyone justify the NFL as a tax-exempt organization?

Remember the board game Risk? It’s back. Vladimir Putin just added another country while Obama is taking armies off the board. I don’t like our odds.

Russia is clearly in the driver’s seat in world affairs today. President Obama’s decision to gut NASA while doubling food stamps will cost us dearly. So you want a ride into space? Good luck, comrade.

Prohibition was repealed because it was wrongheaded and wouldn’t work. The same is true of Obamacare and it should be repealed.

To those in government who wish for a smaller government: Quit. Your wish will be fulfilled.

I was very pleased to see that the City Council did approve the name change for the Wichita airport. President Eisenhower’s name adds more substance and recognition to our city’s gateway. Good job on seeing this through.

If you’re disappointed the City Council members are so cavalier about spending taxpayer dollars for things like renaming the airport, please hit ’em where they’ll feel it – at the ballot box.

There is a show on TV called “Ridiculousness.” The people who decided to rename Mid-Continent Airport should be on it.

My religious freedom means that I have the right to refuse your attempts to force your beliefs on me.

Despite the fact that the state does not recognize gay marriages, our wonderful Kansas House spent valuable tax-supported time trying to ensure that, due to “religious beliefs,” same-sex couples could be denied services. Now, if legislators would just get busy on our tsunami problem.

How is it that the “state” can force someone to do something that violates their religious beliefs? Such as condoning sin.

Our Legislature is infatuated with guns, gays and abortion. Wouldn’t it be nice if legislators would address something important, like education, jobs and state finances?

I’d like to communicate with my governor and our conservative Legislature about their misguided governance, but my cave art is a little rusty.

The screeching in the ad running on local TV to promote the musical “Hair” makes it sound like the drowning of the Age of Aquarius.