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Opinion Line (March 12)

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Why is it so many folks are so negative toward the Koch brothers? They have helped Wichita and Kansas in so many ways. They are donating money everywhere to help mankind. Look how many jobs they provide to all, and even union workers. I don’t understand how they can be portrayed as bad.

So Charles and David Koch can’t take what they dish out when the Senate majority leader calls them out for their deeds? If you don’t want to reap it, don’t sow it. Jobs and philanthropy can’t erase the reality that what the Kochs do they do for their own enrichment.

I wonder if Harry Reid and other Democrats have started an investigation into the Shockers’ undefeated record yet. After all, they do play in Charles Koch Arena.

When it comes to U.S. foreign policy, Obama, Biden, Hagel and Kerry are the axis of wrong.

Next time, me and Maw are gonna have the kids, Rand and Ayn, load all the guns and Bibles in the pickup truck and go to CPAC. Looked like a good time on Fox News.

Evidently the Kansas Supreme Court thinks $12,000 per pupil is not enough to educate a child, when the real reasons for poor performance are too much TV, social networking and smartphones with games, selfies, hip-hop, texting, sexting and whatever else distracts kids from studying.

As a member of the U.S. Senate in 2009, Sam Brownback sponsored a bill to outlaw breeding animal-human hybrids. Is it any wonder Kansas government is so bizarre and embarrassing? Has anybody spotted any mermaids in Cheney Reservoir lately?

I am an employee at WSU and have not had a raise in more than five years, yet the state continues to let the utility companies raise their rates. I guess I should have been a basketball coach.

To the WSU Shockers: As a 50-year fan, I’ve gotten so much pleasure out of your performance the past three years. Good luck in the big dance. But however it works out, you’ve been a great pleasure to watch.

Did you see Wichita State’s Ron Baker encourage the crowd to applaud for Indiana State’s Jake Odum? What a class act.

What more can be said about WSU and the players? You guys are magnificent, humble, grateful, sharing with each other. I am so proud to have you represent the city and our university. Thanks for a fun season. Keep it up.