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Opinion Line Extra (March 11)

It is distressing how some people have such low morals in this day and age. They don’t care whom they hurt as long as they have their personal gratification.

If Obama were in Republican shoes he would be the target of disrespect and obstruction, only it would be from Democrats and his approval numbers would be far lower due to the media not covering for him. The media would hold a Republican accountable instead of only covering social issues.

How much money does Harry Reid get from George Soros to go after the Koch brothers’ conservative donations?

The ink had barely dried on newspapers reporting Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s plan to shrink our military when Vladimir Putin showed why that plan was shortsighted by invading Crimea.

I fail to see how Putin’s action in Ukraine means that he sees President Obama as weak. He didn’t invade the U.S., after all. It seems to me that it’s the Ukrainian government he views as weak. The U.S. has nothing to do with it.

Conservative Republicans are fundamentally opposed to “massive wealth transfer” unless, of course, it is from the poor and middle class to the rich, in which case they are OK with it.

To the Wichita City Council: I am a proud Wichitan, and I am also proud that Kansas is the geographic middle of the U.S. The current name of the airport reflects that uniqueness. Please don’t rob us of that unique distinction by renaming it. Long live Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

Naming the new airport should apply to the new terminal, not the entire airport. But the Wichita City Council has ruled. As fliers, we will surely think of it as “Wichita Ike Airport.” How’s that, friends and neighbors?

I like the new name. It is distinguished-sounding. Nice choice.

If everyone is stuck on changing the name of the airport, just call it “Ike’s Landing Airport. No sense in tacking on such a long name, and maybe it will save a few thousand dollars in all the sign making.

As I was driving, up flew a rock and broke my windshield. The glass shop said it would cost $140 to replace. If we have $140,000 lying around to rename the airport, why can’t we clean the sand off the street? I am wondering why I pay taxes.

The consideration by city leaders of the reuse of sewage water seems very fitting, considering that under the current and past leaders’ guidance the city of Wichita is going down the toilet.

Apparently my skills are no longer applicable here in Wichita. I guess that means I’m not welcome.

There needs to be statute of limitations on repetitious commercials. They should be retired after 1,000 showings or so. It’s bad enough to spend a third of my time watching commercials. Couldn’t they show me a new one once in a while?