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Opinion Line (March 11)

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If I hear one more pundit on ESPN ask, “Well, who have the Shockers really played?” I’m going to slap the TV. It is insulting to suggest the Missouri Valley Conference is not full of talented and worthy opponents. “Thank you” to the whole Missouri Valley for a wonderful season.

Squeaky shoes, sweaty bodies, annoying horn blasts – I didn’t used to like basketball, but our home team has made a fan out of me. Congratulations for an incredible season. Go, Shockers.

You can bet if the basketball gods allow WSU and KU to meet, there will be a lot of purple in the black and gold.

I haven’t heard. Does anyone know how the WSU men’s basketball team is doing this year?

The Wichita City Council members didn’t put renaming the airport to a public vote because they knew it would lose. It’s a shame that changing the name of the airport is more important than taking care of the people.

Enough already. The decision has been made, and rightly so. Please don’t let this opportunity pass us by to be known for something good. Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport is perfect for this city.

Congratulations to our mayor and City Council on a great decision. Only people who want to hold Wichita back want to hold onto the old name, which is a cast-off from the Kansas City airport. Let’s start a new era for our city.

To the Wichita City Council: I am so proud of your decision to rename the airport. This is a wonderful and positive thing for Wichita. My hope is that the council will affirm that decision when it votes as the airport authority. This makes me even prouder to live here.

Applause for the ICT Art Day of Giving. It’s high time that people who want something pay for it themselves. Can we do the same for downtown, Old Town, airport naming, ice rinks, downtown hotels, entertainment districts, bus routes, public schools, etc.?

Lost my car last week. Found it in a pothole.

I don’t recall seeing the American Family Association or the Kansas Family Policy Council on any election ballot, so why are they writing laws in the Kansas Legislature?

Our country is more politically polarized than ever. Can’t we all just get along?