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Opinion Line (March 9)

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Dwight D. Eisenhower was a great American and Kansan. His name will be proudly attached to our city’s airport. He truly was an officer and a gentleman.

The renaming of the airport seems to have been done with little public input. The presented petition did not represent a major groundswell of support. How about a public vote?

Let’s face it: 20 years from now, one friend will still say to another, “Hey, can you give me a ride to Mid-Continent?”

Rugby, N.D., is the middle of the continent, not Wichita. Thank goodness the City Council had the good sense and backbone to change that embarrassing airport name. I wish we had leadership like that in Topeka.

Kansans are fortunate to have hardworking Republican legislators in charge and in place to immediately address the Supreme Court school-funding decision. Paul Davis, Democrat minority leader and candidate for governor, wanted to quit early.

Since this is the wacko legislative session, I propose a bill making it illegal for unmarried men to buy Viagra. Men should be required to produce a Kansas marriage license and a signed note from their wives.

The Kansas House recently made a decision on the official state fossil. Several years ago, little bluestem was named the official state grass. Too bad legislators can’t protect the lesser prairie chicken as the official state endangered species.

I just finished figuring my income taxes. This is the first year in a decade that I’m getting money back – big time, from Kansas. Thanks, Gov. Sam Brownback, for dropping the rates for us “little folks.” You’ve got my vote this fall.

Business owners have been taken care of, but those of us who work for a paycheck were promised two years ago that our state income taxes would be on that “glide path to zero,” too. We’re still waiting. Did Brownback and his friends in Topeka think we’d forget about that?

Since the session in Topeka is not producing much, why don’t lawmakers act on allowing the three empty greyhound parks to have slots? Three entertainment venues are sitting empty and falling apart. Come on, Kansas – look at the jobs it will create. Catch up with the times.

Build a monorail through the middle of the Kansas from one end to the other. Wind turbines could be incorporated in the support pylons, and you could see for miles on the ride. Instant scenery and dollars, people.

It’s time to elevate the railroad tracks on 21st Street between Broadway and Mosley.

In regard to the Ukraine, President Obama should treat Vladimir Putin the way he treats Republicans and simply rule by fiat for the Russians to leave the Ukraine.

If coffee is too weak, there is nothing you can do about it. If coffee is too strong, you can dilute it easily with water and it still tastes good. So, to sum it all up: Strong coffee wins.