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Opinion Line Extra (March 10)

Now all the new airport needs is a larger-than-life statue of Ike called “Keeper of the Planes” surrounded by fire-spewing jet engines.

It is not surprising at all that those involved in renaming the airport went back to the Greatest Generation, because that is where their minds remain stuck in protecting us from modernization.

The price for changing the name of the airport is too much to spend. As an option, change the name of the byway leading to Mid-Continent Airport. This could be done with a couple of sign changes. Direct me to a petition not to change the name.

Since Wichita is located in the near middle of the U.S. We should change the largest airport hub’s name that is closest to geographical middle to reflect this location. Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport should be changed to Middle Continent National Airport. Mid-Continent would work perfectly fine, too.

Please give the funds for the renaming of the Wichita airport to the Lord’s Diner.

Since Jan Harrison and Phil Thompson deserve the credit for getting the name of the airport changed, I think they should also get the bill. And I would like to know how this name change is going to “really pay off” and make Wichita “stand out” (March 6 WE Blog excerpts). How?

If the Wichita Police Department conducted radar speed checks on Kellogg during rush hour for a month, the City Council could easily fund the airport name change.

One doesn’t have to go too far back in our history to see “religious liberty” being used to discriminate against blacks also. Its intent was as obvious then as it is now. Shame on those who would invoke God to justify their prejudices.

In the ’80s and ’90s we were not allowed to spank our children, so neither should you. The members of that generation are now adults, so let’s see how that worked out for everybody.

If you can’t make a living at a minimum-wage job, get a second job. Better yet, develop some marketable skills that qualify you for a better-paying job.

All you Putin lovers: Make sure your sons and daughters join the military, and don’t ask for the military raises in pay, so you can get someone else to join and shed their blood for you and our country.

Our country is so far in debt. Why are we giving a billion dollars to Ukraine?

Hillary Clinton should not have given away her magic reset button. We need it now.

Clinton said it best: “What difference does it make?” She is right. Nobody will go to jail in Washington, D.C., including the crooks on the housing rip-off and Wall Street.

I like Jimmy Fallon a lot. But I am getting tired of seeing him all over the media. It’s like he cloned himself.