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Opinion Line (March 10)

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Conservatives said President Obama’s meaningless “red lines” in Syria were an omen of bad things to come. Russia’s Vladimir Putin saw weakness and knew Obama wouldn’t respond militarily to an invasion of Crimea.

I’ll bet Putin is shaking in his boots from laughter after Obama issued his almost stern warning.

Thank goodness our president has taken a cautious approach to the Ukraine crisis and did not resort to a knee-jerk reaction like the crisis in Iraq, which cost the U.S. more than 4,400 lives.

Pass Senate Bill 401. All teachers need to bear responsibility for introducing innocent children to debauchery. Kids have enough trouble growing up without schools encouraging deviant behaviors and ideas by justifying them as acceptable study materials.

If your religion condemns homosexuality, you can’t be forced to marry someone who is the same sex you are. That’s religious freedom. But you can’t use your religious beliefs to stop someone from eating in your restaurant or renting your apartment. That is discrimination and has no place in Kansas.

When someone states that his intent is to protect “community standards” and “religious beliefs,” you can be assured he is talking about protecting his standards and beliefs and that he really doesn’t care about your standards or beliefs.

Would anyone expect or force a Jewish deli to serve him a non-kosher meal, a Muslim caterer to provide pork or a Baptist sculptor to carve a statue of the Virgin Mary?

Kansas was not the only state to introduce a bill that would have led to discrimination of gays. Why is it the only one targeted for ridicule?

I have yet to hear any church say that God doesn’t love homosexuals. God loves us all but not our sinful lifestyles, whether homosexual or heterosexual.

The Wichita Police Department will make a fortune when it finally starts ticketing the crazies in this town who use the center turn lane as a merge lane. It’s insanely dangerous.

There are so many unneeded, ill-timed stoplights in east Wichita that it makes me drive angry. And to think my tax dollars keep paying for more. Please stop.

My 2-year-old has just learned what “stop” and “go” mean. He announces what the car is doing as he rides with me. He is now a better driver than half of Wichitans.