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Opinion Line (March 8)

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From where I stand, the border between Kansas and Colorado is one instance where the “grass” is definitely greener on the other side.

We should be grateful our attorney general reminded us marijuana is illegal in Kansas, as he stands ready to prosecute returning citizens under the influence of weeds cultivated and taxed to solve government budget problems in a neighboring state. Colorado is laughing at our backwardness all the way to prosperity.

Employees and patrons are forced to endure the hazards of secondhand smoke in the Kansas-owned casinos. I predict there will be a huge lawsuit against the state. The Legislature needs to allow no-smoking days. If smokers were considerate of others, it would not be nearly as bad.

Once again Kansas is the laughingstock of the nation because of the people we elect and send to Topeka.

How will bills promoting child abuse and discrimination draw people and business to Kansas? Maybe the Legislature should focus on positive measures such as funding schools and strengthening the economy.

While aesthetics such as fountains and sculpture are to be commended, Wichita’s infrastructure is imperative. Postponement only increases costs. A project never started will never be completed. Do something.

The Koch boys must have Harry Reid scared to death. He can’t stop talking about them.

President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” plan speaks of concern for “boys and young men of color.” I don’t know where he buys his box of crayons, but mine has a white color as well as a black color. Maybe he should be helping all colors in the box.

Why are we loaning the Ukraine $1 billion and cutting our military forces because of funding? Who is going to help the U.S. when we no longer can defend ourselves?

Obama tells Syria not to cross the red line, whatever he means by that, but he continually crosses the line by ignoring the U.S. Constitution. And he brags about having taught constitutional law?

I like the new slogan “Dance more, think less.” I’d rather twerk than listen to a Republican and Democrat debate. Do I hear an “amen”?

Hey, Intrust Bank Arena: How about booking Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Little River Band or the Doobie Brothers?

The new “comics” appearing in The Eagle are beyond lame. Please bring back “Hagar the Horrible” and “Get Fuzzy.”