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Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 1)

Fix security in Old Town by installing enough lighting to make 2 a.m. look like high noon on the Fourth of July. Turn the lights on at 1:30 a.m., and the cockroaches will be long gone.

The largest obstacles in the way of Kansas’ increasing and improving its labor force, gaining financial stability, and improving its image were elected.

Ever notice that the politicians who want to send our youths to war are draft dodgers?

No wonder the Republican Party knows so much about fraudulent voter registrations. They paid Strategic Allied Consulting millions of dollars to do it for them. Is this the job-creation plan they are so proud of?

It is insulting to America that a president, speaking at the United Nations, would be an apologist for terrorists and murderers looking for an excuse to practice their trade. Remember this as you vote.

Mr. President: You are the “bump in the road.” Please enjoy your retirement at the expense of a rapidly shrinking number of taxpayers. And God bless the four murdered in the embassy.

I would challenge readers to listen to just one program on Fox News. You are not getting all of the news on the basic three channels. Come on – hold your nose and do it.

As an emergency measure, Kathleen Sebelius should order a temporary shutdown of the Fox News and MSNBC channels on TV and radio. This is the only way to control the present epidemic of hypertension and premature heart attacks among the gullible audience.

I see little difference between the media in America today and Pravda in the old Soviet Union, propping up the current regime.

Much attention has been given to Mitt Romney’s remarks about 47 percent of Americans viewing themselves as victims. Reading Opinion Line in The Eagle, I discovered that about 90 percent of the contributors view themselves as victims in one way or another.

If Romney loses the election, I bet he never pays more than 13 percent of his income in taxes ever again.

Mitt Romney looks exactly the way I wouldn’t what to look.

The letter writer who opposed the knitters covering works of art had a point. If I had made any of those sculptures, I think I would resent someone covering them with yarn.

Instead of being only for KU or K-State, I think I will make a T-shirt that says on the front, “K-State football/KU basketball,” and says on the back, “I am not stupid!”