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Opinion Line (Sept. 29)

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Unless the business is a brothel, why would a company reasonably expect to pay for an employee’s birth control or abortion? It’s time American workers started standing on their own two feet and got off their knees praying to the gods of entitlements and freebies.

Freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment, should be limited to the national boundaries. Export of this privilege is detrimental to the security of the nation. IT providers should be made responsible to assure that inflammatory and culturally offensive outbursts remain accessible to the locals only.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comments before the United Nations sounded exactly like Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Democrat voters in the U.S. are ready to vote for Ahmadinejad’s agenda.

Judging by the whining coming from the left, I get the impression that Obama is the first president ever to have to deal with an opposition party.

Why do the Republicans continue to talk about the economy and jobs when their real agenda is social change?

Mitt Romney says he is going to try to reduce the deficit by eliminating tax loopholes. So I would like to see his tax returns so we would know which loopholes he uses. Or are those off-limits?

The GOP is against higher taxes for people who earn more than $250,000, because they create jobs. Well, Romney earned $14 million last year. How many jobs has he created? Most of it is stashed overseas. Rich people do not care about the middle class or the poor.

Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires all citizens to prove they are insured, but doesn’t require them to prove they are citizens.

Based on Obamacare, I was told I will lose my job after 16 years of employment. The new law requires large employers to cover health benefits for employees who work 30 hours or more per week. Employers can’t afford it and are cutting employees, leading to more unemployment. Please vote.

On paddling in Texas schools: It’s good to see such an archaic and regressive idea come from somewhere other than Kansas. I’m sure we’ll adopt the practice soon, though, since obviously the best way to teach kids that hitting is wrong is to hit them.

Westar Energy has butchered our trees and raised our rates to upgrade equipment, but it still seems that we are without power far more often. Westar needs to explain again how it is dedicated to providing us with the best service.