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Opinion Line (Sept. 26)

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Shame on the Sedgwick County commissioners for even thinking about spending $10,000 to rent a party tent at the Wings Over McConnell air show this weekend. Why should the taxpayers pay for a good time for the commissioners and their political friends? Most of them could afford their own tent.

The biggest obstacle in Congress is not the Republicans. It is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has way too much power for one person. He will not let the senators vote on anything that would help the country.

We no longer have a president. All that remains is fundraiser, talk-show guest, celebrity and campaigner in chief.

The ambassador is dead and the Las Vegas fundraiser is alive.

I urge everyone to please get out and vote in the presidential election. There is no need to trespass on one’s property, uproot an Obama yard sign, throw it in the neighbors’ yard and steal their American flag. Voting will count more than being mean-spirited and racist.

Railroaders, take notice in this next presidential election. There will be a lot fewer coal trains if Obama is re-elected, and also our electric rates will be higher. A lot fewer jobs, too.

Mitt Romney says the capital-gains tax is needed to encourage investment. You can’t put your money anywhere that it is not invested, unless it’s under your mattress or buried in your backyard in a coffee can. For the wealthy, it might take several 50-gallon barrels and a bulldozer.

Any politician or advertising super PAC that tells lies or knowingly misleads the public should be heavily fined and the money put toward the deficit. If they start soon, I think the deficit could be reduced by at least half by Election Day.

Has Christianity become a video game for the gods?

I think I’m going to take the lead of my local Walmart and get my Christmas decorations up. Maybe they will see how foolish it looks.

I thank Menards for advertising the products they sell that are made in the USA. I certainly will give them all the business that I can. If other retail stores would do the same, it would save me a lot of time deciding where to shop.

I just returned from Dallas, where gas was $3.49 a gallon. I feel ripped off that we are at $3.72. What is the deal?