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Opinion Line (Sept. 24)

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So the Intrust Bank Arena is selling paperless tickets that require the purchaser to show photo ID the day of the concert. I suppose this is another attempt at keeping minorities from showing up.

Why start construction on 29th Street North when 37th Street North is the most broken road in northeast Wichita?

“Incentivize” new business to come to Wichita? Maybe if Wichita would fluoridate our water, stop trying to end smoking bans, end the 2 a.m. shootings in Old Town and stop debating “intelligent design,” new businesses might not think we’re too stupid to consider and older businesses might think it’s worthwhile to stay.

I figure that less than 1 percent of water usage is for drinking. So let’s spend $2 million to fluoridate the other 99 percent? Do we really need fluoride for our lawns, showers, toilets and so forth? I hope the people will see how ridiculous this idea is.

Why do the CDC and ADA only attribute the decline in cavities over the past 60 years to fluoridated water? Fluoride was added to toothpaste about the same time. Toothpaste could be the real reason behind the decline.

The veterans job bill was struck down due to a Republican filibuster. What happened to taking care of our veterans? Republican senators did not want Obama to have a victory, and veterans pay the price.

If Congress has a lousy approval rating, the American people need only look in the mirror to understand why. When lawmakers talk “compromise,” they are voted out. I welcome compromise; it’s the only way things get done.

Coming soon to a theater near you: “Indiana Jones and the Quest for Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns.”

As the Obama administration does everything it can to ramp up all energy costs, the median income of Americans in almost every state has fallen by thousands of dollars or barely stayed even. Who’s out of touch?

In an attempt to keep his job, Ben Bernanke has the Federal Reserve printing money. This devalues our dollar and is the direct cause of the recent rise in gas prices. It is costing us a lot to keep his job.

The fact that Obama is ahead in the polls, despite all the money the Koch brothers and other big corporations have spent trying to ensure he’ll be a one-term president, has restored my faith that most Americans are not stupid.