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Opinion Line (Sept. 21)

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I am glad to see that through his infinite wisdom, Rep. Mike Pompeo is now responsible for cutting 146 jobs from the Hutchinson area with his push to end wind tax credits. Just the type of person we need representing us in Washington, D.C.

Everything has gone up except my wages.

When a crook steals your money on the street, it’s called robbery. When the government steals your money before you even see it, President Obama calls it redistribution. The result is the same – that empty feeling in your wallet.

The truth hurts. That is exactly what Mitt Romney said. He is a truthful man and will govern by the Constitution.

Romney said Obama supporters are those who never pay taxes and just want handouts – this from an elitist, cosseted-from-birth tax dodger who hides millions in foreign banks. I support Obama, am 80 years old and have paid taxes since my first paycheck at age 16.

If Bain Capital owned the Romney campaign, it would be breaking it up, selling off the pieces and pocketing what was left in the campaign’s coffers.

Obama’s enthusiastic use of made-up facts appears to be trumping Romney’s humdrum presentation of real ones. I sure hope Americans are doing their research before this election. My fear is that they are not.

Local communities are threatened by low-income housing forced on them by leftist politicians, lawyers and judges. No community is safe. Around the country where low-income housing is imposed on people who do not want it, the results are reduced home values, blight and skyrocketing crime.

Now Republicans are back to arguing that our enemies respect “strength” and would not dare attack us if we had a tough president. The last time I heard that kind of rhetoric was just before Sept. 11.

Why would we think that moderate Muslims can control the extremist Muslims when moderate Christians can’t control extremist Christians like Fred Phelps or Terry Jones?

No telling what the Muslim extremists might do if they ever got hold of a DVD of “Green Lantern.” You talk about bad movies.

Why are people so reluctant to admit there’s a correlation between the number of guns in this country and the number of crimes perpetrated by such means?