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Opinion Line (Sept. 20)

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Clint Eastwood: Mitt Romney needs the chair back. He needs to sit in the corner and feel what it’s like to be a victim of his own ego.

I am one of Romney’s 47 percent. I am 65, drawing Social Security benefits and Medicare. I also used the GI Bill for my education and a VA loan for my first home. Romney doesn’t qualify for the VA benefits since he spent his youth in France. Good luck, Republicans.

There is no way to express “elegantly” that 47 percent of the people don’t matter. At last Romney has spoken his truth.

Do the 47 percent who seem to hate the rich want to be rich?

If you vote for Barack Obama and he’s re-elected, you will forever regret the day you pulled that lever.

If you’re not better off than you were four years ago, it’s your own fault, not the government’s.

Obama and his administration found an obscure YouTube video to blame for the attack on our Libyan consulate. This was meant to distract the world because the consulate was unprepared, even after being warned about potential Sept. 11 attacks.

And now the government requires us to obtain a government ID card before it will allow us to vote. Soon it will require us to register our firearms and get advance approval to purchase them. Did George Washington have to show his picture ID before he could vote? Whatever happened to original intent?

When Orly Taitz shows up in your state to participate in official state business, you know your state’s political administration has officially jumped the shark.

A study says half of the U.S. population will be obese by 2030. Again I am ahead of my time. My body has beat back every attempt to lose weight.

Doesn’t it seem backwards that everything in the Bible is absolute, but gravity is just a theory?

The ridiculous salary and benefit increases Chicago teachers have demanded are another example of the damage that public unions are causing. The states go broke and state taxes go ballistic.

Don’t demonize the teachers and unions. The government is the bad guy.

I cannot find anything in the driving manual that says that drivers needs to lean and cut the corner when making their turns. I don’t think most drivers ever learned to turn square corners turning into the proper lane.