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Opinion Line (Sept. 19)

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If your entire scientific knowledge came from the Internet, you really deserve to oppose fluoridation of the water. So relax, drink your fluoridated bottled water (yes, much is), and try not to smile.

Will the 11,000 people who signed the petition to fluoridate our water pay the $2.3 million to implement fluoridation?

Fluoridating the entire water supply to medicate a small number of needy children’s teeth is like shooting a fly with a shotgun. If you just shoot everything, one pellet might get the fly. But there would be a lot of saner, cost-effective ways to hit your target.

I look forward to the Monday newspaper because of Kansas Views. It’s particularly interesting to read the thoughts and opinions that are being printed outside the Wichita area. Even though Kansas is a red state, not all are in lockstep with the ideology of extremist right-wing government currently in control.

Mitt Romney decries people “who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.” So Romney wishes to preside over a miserable Dickensian world where unemployed and poor people are left to die from lack of health care, food and shelter? Wonder what Jesus would say about that.

Romney is talking about the very poor, the disabled and the elderly on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, whom he characterizes as dependent on government and not taking responsibility for their lives. How can he be so hateful toward the less fortunate among us? He needs to read James 1:27.

The more the Republican right pushes Romney to its point of view, the more inarticulate, halting and awkward he seems to be. What can be done about this matter?

Romney is telling the truth; 47 percent of you don’t pay income taxes. Lots of you have your hands out wanting government help. Obama doesn’t meet with rich people? Give me a break.

Americans don’t want a government that says, “This is your life. Accept it and we’ll help you out.” Americans want a government that allows them to seek a better lot in life. We’ll maximize your freedoms and your opportunities. It’s called the American dream.

Life today is not complete without something to hate. Gays, abortion, Jews, blacks, Catholics, Muslims, Republicans – pick one.

I guess if you don’t want nude pictures of you sunbathing published in gossip rags, you shouldn’t sunbathe nude.