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Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 18)

We don’t need to be in the Mideast at all. We have been there because of oil for 40 years. They don’t want us there. We need to use natural gas to run buses and trucks. That would make the reason for being in the Mideast meaningless.

If you believe the recent deadly violence in Muslim countries was the result of a movie, well, then you are a product of the death of journalism in 2008.

President Obama bumbled his way through Las Vegas after our ambassador was murdered in the Middle East. This is the best example of him not knowing or caring about foreign policy. He is never where he needs to be. He’s out having fun while the world burns.

There have been movies made that insulted Jesus Christ. Why haven’t Christians committed violent protests?

Our embassies are “our soil,” and our president does nothing about our citizens being murdered on our soil. Where are the reprisals?

The Wichita Eagle should not publish opinions base on lies. One Opinion Line contributor said that the first thing president Obama did after the death of the ambassador in Libya was to attack Mitt Romney. The opposite was the true.

I find it almost incomprehensible that our great country is, in all likelihood, going to re-elect an incompetent boob as our president. It’s absolutely shameful that so many people are going to vote for this guy just because he’s black.

Mitt Romney’s money knows far more about foreign policy than he does. It spends all of its time offshore in other countries.

Maybe I’ll be better off than four years ago if I can get on food stamps.

I wonder what else the Brownback administration can do to erode the status of Kansas on the national scene.

I think all of the people that our secretary of state is working to keep from voting should band together and vote him out of office. That would be good for the people of Kansas.

When I’m out of the state and people ask where I’m from, I try to change the subject. It’s really embarrassing to tell people I’m from Kansas.

As a consumer, I urge you to read and track your usage. They tell you to conserve to save money. However, if you conserve they don’t get the revenue, so they raise the rates so that you are not saving but your bill is higher. I know – I have been tracking it for years now.