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Opinion Line (May 10)

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I watch the news, I read the paper, I listen to people gripe, I see how people act, and I think I have a good idea of what it was like just before the Roman Empire fell, minus the togas.

George W. Bush nearly flew our country nose first into the ground. Republicans say President Obama made things worse. But any pilot knows you must first pull out a dive before you can climb. Republicans should be thankful that Obama averted the disaster and now has us gaining economic altitude.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are doing what Obama should be doing – cutting out the “gimmes” in their spending and adhering to realistic budgets.

An engine that runs too lean runs too hot and eventually seizes.

My generation fought long and hard for women to have the right to make a choice about their health care – right to make a choice. Now the state of Kansas is trying to take away that choice and right. Men and politics seem to be in control again.

I wonder what our country’s credit score is. I would guess the 300-325 range.

Traditional Republicanism is not moderate. For example, a conservative Republican freed the slaves. Moderates tolerated segregation. Moderates have run the party for so long that people have forgotten Republicanism was not originally “Democrat-lite.”

The CIA thwarts another underwear bomb attempt by al-Qaida. It’s time we ban underwear from airplanes.

Strong belief in faith is fine, but scientific facts will trump faith every time. Like the Catholic Church once believing Earth was the center of the universe, denying that human activity affects climate will not hold up against reality.

Our local community organizers defeated the people’s desire to have a Wichita casino. As an alternative method of revenue enhancement, it may be time to convert the Kellogg speedway into a toll road, with tollbooths at every exit.

Why haven’t the local TV stations taken the lead and reduced the volume level of commercials, instead of waiting for the federal regulation to take effect in December?

Doesn’t Bishop Carroll High School have its own parking lot for baseball games? If not, maybe it should get one so people don’t use the residents’ parking at Aspen Park Apartments.