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Opinion Line (Nov. 16)

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Here is a simple, sensible explanation of earthquakes: Hell is enlarging itself to make room for more occupants. Beware, oil barons, corporate executives, bankers, lawyers, politicians and all selfish, corrupt, money-loving greedheads. Change your ways before it’s too late.

It would be embarrassing for the Heartland Preparedness Center to be unprepared and in shambles after a tornado, earthquake or “what if” (terrorist attack). Planners: Please be prepared.

I am a small-business owner with 12 employees. I find it interesting that no employees were sick during their first year with me. My sick pay starts at year two. All have managed to max out on paid sick days ever since.

Rather than trying to determine when a fertilized egg becomes a person, we should have the government tell us when it becomes a tax deduction. The point it becomes a dependent for tax purposes is the point at which the government considers the baby to be a person.

The more the media attack Herman Cain with the scurrilous tactics they used against Clarence Thomas, the more they make me want to vote for Herman Cain.

Setting aside biases, baggage and personalities, Newt Gingrich is the only presidential candidate who can lead this country forward. He is light-years ahead of all potential left- and right-wing candidates in expertise and political intelligence.

No World War II veteran should hesitate to apply for an Honor Flight to see the memorial in Washington, D.C. You will be taken care of. I was one who required a wheelchair and guardian. Great and caring people greeted us.

WSU men’s basketball team: That was the best you’ve played in a season-opening game in 30 years. Keep it up.

The coaches’ and players’ prayer before the Penn State and Nebraska football game was one of the more poignant moments in college sports.

What kind of guy sees a 10-year-old getting abused and does nothing? I can understand taking a few seconds to stand there and process what you cannot believe you are seeing, but then you march in that shower, throw the perp to the ground and, while restraining the impulse to beat him to a pulp, call the cops.

If professional football can have playoffs and high schools can have football playoffs, colleges should be able to have playoffs.