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Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 15)

President Obama really messed up with that Keystone Pipeline. Now Canada is looking to China. Can you say “failure”?

President Nero is going to fiddle the Keystone XL pipeline jobs away. The eco-terrorists have won. Union jobs, you lose. But keep paying those union dues for his re-election.

I, too, saw George W. Bush when he was here. If he had practiced what he preached, he would have been a good president.

Isn’t it ironic how the national media treat like allegations? Now that it’s Herman Cain, a conservative, the media are all over it. When it was Ted Kennedy, it was, “Oh, well, that’s just Teddy being Teddy.”

Kari Ann Rinker wrote a great commentary outlining the ways Gov. Sam Brownback does not care about childhood poverty (Nov. 13 Opinion). Brownback is so out of touch. It is sad.

With the state already in a financial bind, could someone tell me how are they going put it to us to get enough money to run this state? It would be nice, as a middle-class Kansan who pays plenty of taxes, not to have to pay a state income tax. But I would hate to see it transferred to additional property taxes or sales taxes.

The Sunflower Electric Power Corp. case has made it obvious that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is not interested in protecting Kansans’ health or environment.

Penn State did it right. Authorities acted quickly and targeted all concerned instead of just moving people to other positions.

How good it is to see some of my favorite old TV and film stars again, even if they are hawking reverse mortgages.

I know nobody will believe me, but I actually had three green lights in a row in Wichita, and I wasn’t even speeding.

Wichita is the worst in the world as far as motorists go, even worse than Naples. It’s like you people are trying to kill somebody. When I see Sedgwick County plates, either in the city or in other states, I know a reckless driver is on the loose.

To the woman who came up to me in Dillons and told me I was beautiful: Thank you. You will never know how much you lifted my spirit.