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Opinion Line (Nov. 14)

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Listening to former President Bush speak in Wichita reminded me of a time when we had a resident who led by courage and conviction – unlike our current president, who leads by cowardice and corruption.

None of Gov. Sam Brownback’s silly economic “incentives” will repopulate the western counties of Kansas. But how about designating that area a free zone for illegal immigrants? No police hassles, no ICE crackdowns on employers, the kids can go to school – sort of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” for being an illegal immigrant.

Ohio to GOP: Workers aren’t stupid, and we won’t be fooled when you tell us you’re taking away our rights in order to “fix” the economy.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have it all wrong. They should have formed a huge boycott of products of these huge corporations. If everyone would boycott the airlines and not fly because of high ticket prices for five days, would it make a difference to their profit?

Where were all these tolerant, forgiving Republicans when Bill Clinton was president, or is it a different standard?

Rick Perry could answer the White House phone at 3 a.m. He just wouldn’t know what to say.

Both political parties need good candidates for public office who are skilled in the art of public speaking. Speech, drama and debate courses in school should be emphasized more. Lowell Thomas, a famous radio announcer, said: “Leadership gravitates to the person who can talk.”

Don’t blame all college students for not paying their loans. Blame the guy who keeps raising the price.

After the debacle at Penn State, I have lost faith in the credibility of any sports program, college or professional. There are always individuals acting to undermine integrity through their own personal, pathetic sicknesses.

I really hate those employers who act like they’re your friend before they hire you. Once you’re hired, they treat you like dirt.

Now some anti-abortionists want to declare a fertilized egg a “person.” What next? The gleam in a potential father’s eyes?

Can you get life insurance on a fetus?

The second the sperm joins the egg, it is a soul.