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Opinion Line (Nov. 13)

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We need a law like Alabama’s. Then we’ll see how many Hispanic students are still around and how many school buildings we really need.

Those against business incentives from government should be protesting Hawker Beechcraft and every other aviation industry in town for receiving millions from the state of Kansas and the city just to stay in town. There’s no difference.

If you like Obamacare, you will love Brownbackcare. Putting the care of our most vulnerable citizens, the disabled and elderly, in the hands of for-profit companies is a brilliant idea. In fact, I think the governor should be the first to sign up for Brownbackcare.

One important thing exposed by the economic downturn: For too many people at the top, making money at all costs is the only goal in their lives. Making money at the expense of other people is immoral.

How does my making money possibly take any money away from you?

The unions are in a very serious situation, having to support a Democrat candidate who is losing more union jobs every day. They must like staying home to watch “The View” and eating on food stamps.

What to do with the Kansas Coliseum? Build a runway nearby, and make the Coliseum a world-class destination aviation museum.

Only in Wichita would a bunch of dullards tie up 911 to talk about a small earthquake in Oklahoma.

Anyone who calls 911 to report an earthquake should have his number traced and then be charged $50. It is no different from a bogus home-security alarm call, and we are charged for those.

When I moved to south-central Kansas, I never thought that I would experience earthquakes more frequently than rain.

I wonder why policemen even carry guns. Every time they shoot someone they get in trouble. They should just carry a large red sign that says “stop” or throw a flag, like in football. The reason we have so much crime is because the criminals know nothing will happen to them. The lawyers and judges are our biggest problem.

Is anyone really missing the NBA?

God bless you, Joe Frazier.

Once the nation curbs its enthusiasm and overindulgence in sports and sex, America will rise again to take its rightful place as the supreme leader of the free world.

Looks like we need to have DUI checkpoints during future Wichita Toy Runs.

Thanksgiving needs to be resurrected. No Christmas lights overkill, no crass commercialism. Just gratitude for the autumn harvest, our families and our great country.