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Opinion Line (Nov. 11)

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I held the door for a woman at the post office. Afterward I wondered if, in this crazy, politically correct country, I had just committed some form of sexual harassment.

Whether or not Herman Cain is proved to be guilty of sexual harassment, columnist Cal Thomas’ characterization of the charges as “inconsequential” can’t help the conservative cause with women voters (Nov. 9 Opinion).

As recent news stories are proving, if you want to bring a man down, all you need to do is accuse him of doing something sex-related.

Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” The Opinion Line furthers that argument.

When I die, I know I’ll go to heaven because I’ve already been in Wichita. And I also know this because I read Opinion Line.

Isn’t Kansas glorious after a nice rain?

I’m not going to take Johnny Depp’s comment about Wichita seriously. He could have just as easily said Des Moines or any city in the Midwest. Still, it was a snobbish thing to say.

Have you ever tried to contact your state senator or representative to discuss an issue? If so, you know it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to break the code to contact them. I have concluded that we have no such thing as representative government. Elected officials are not interested in what those they represent have to say. Their only interest is in getting re-elected or moving on to higher office.

You may look down on me for being poor, but I pay for your child’s education and your paved roads, and take care of your elderly and disabled. You’re welcome.

Don’t believe Republicans favor the rich? Look at the slick move our governor has planned for our schools: Cut the state’s money, but allow the districts to pass their own tax increase to make up the difference. Of course, the only districts that will are the wealthy ones. Then those taxes will be claimed against their federal and Kansas taxes. So, in effect, the rich kids get a better education, paid for by all of us.

Pennsylvania was one of the Clinton-voting “It’s only sex” states. That attitude may be why no one at Penn State thought to expose the coach now alleged to be a pedophile.

Joe Paterno said, “I wish I had done more.” So do the children, Joe. So do the children.