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Opinion Line (Nov. 10)

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The 2011 Toy Run was a pleasure to participate in and a worthwhile event. Many thanks to all the law enforcement officers who devoted their time and talents to making this possible.

Once again, everyone has to be inconvenienced because a small portion of the community rides motorcycles. Why not just have a big parade through a park or somewhere? I appreciate that they’re bringing toys to needy kids, but this is just senseless.

Let’s say Kansas spends

$50 million a year to collect all state taxes. Why not have the IRS add 10 percent to our federal income taxes and just send Kansas a check? Kansas could do away with state income tax, property tax, sales tax and all other state taxes. The state would be fully funded, and Kansans would save $50 million a year.

I’m sick of people getting mad at aircraft workers. This is the Air Capital of the World. Of course we have jobs in the aircraft business. I happen

to love my job and want to keep it.

As College Hill residents, we had more than 3,000 trick-or-treaters this year. It is worth spending the extra money on candy to make that many children smile. Stop complaining about giving a piece of candy to a kid just because he or she may not live in

your area. Scrooges are for Christmas.

You know there is a problem with Hispanic integration when the kids can’t even say “trick or treat” in English.

How dare AARP claim to be the voice for 50 million seniors? Some of us put country before entitlements, especially now that seniors are doing so much better than young adults.

So, who’s going to be the first to blame the recent earthquakes on God’s wrath over same-sex marriages or a Democrat being in the White House? Speak up, somebody.

Obama becomes president in 2009, and earthquakes increase in Oklahoma from 50 a year to 1,047 a year. Coincidence? I think not. Obama is obviously to blame.

I felt the earth move under my feet. Now we will see if the sky comes a tumbling down. It shook my nerves and it rattled my brain. I thought someone was a knockin’ at the door instead of a ringin’ my bell. Thanks for your patience.

I heard the scientific explanation for Saturday’s earthquake: The quake was caused by all of the K-State fans falling off the bandwagon after the loss to Oklahoma State.