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Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 10)

Where were all you bleeding-heart liberals when there were charges of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton? Sitting on your thumbs and saying what a nice guy he was? What was fair for Bill should be fair for Herman. Or are conservatives held to a different standard?

The accusations against Herman Cain do not pass the smell test.

I’m not a fan of Herman Cain, but what his accuser says he said is not believable. To his advances, she said “What are you doing?” and his reply was, “You want a job, don’t you?” What is this? The 1960s? Or were those words taken directly from the series “Mad Men”? Nobody talks like that anymore.

If the world’s only superpower can only come up with the present slate of Republican presidential hopefuls, there is an obvious breakdown in our education priorities. Maybe the colleges are too occupied with sports, fundraising and chasing the almighty dollar. Time for a quality check and revamp.

These challenging times seem to call for a leader of heroic stature. Yet all we have on the political stage today are these tiny men and women. Woe is us.

I’m a Republican, but I’m ashamed of some of the Republican-dominated states and Congress. I believe Barack Obama is the right person, intellectually and temperamentally, to be president and his jobs bill will is what we need. Stop the partisan nonsense.

What good is it for man to have all the riches of the world and lose his soul? This question is asked of the 1 percent.

I’m sorry I voted for Rep. Mike Pompeo. He became enmeshed in the political machines so quickly that he’s already running for re-election. His loyalty will be to his cronies, not his constituents.

The next time that there is a fire at a Protestant church, I want the media to immediately call it a hate crime regardless of how the fire was started. Why wait for the facts?

I have a theory on what happened to the dinosaurs. I think they could see into the future. And upon seeing what is happening now, they all committed suicide.

The earthquakes in Oklahoma were a welcome little jolt up here in Wichita.

Deadbeat dads: Your kids see right through you, and what they see is a worthless, vengeful dad who doesn’t care for them. Trying to hurt the ex-wife really hurts your kids, not only with words but financially. You are losing their love. Is it worth it?

Booze, bikes, bravado and babes. Time to remake the Toy Run or end it.

I’m sorry, but in the tough economic times, with high unemployment in Wichita, do we really need refugees?