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Opinion Line (Nov. 9)

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“Fairness” — the new code word for Marxist socialism.

Now that the American public has taken action against Bank of America, with positive results, how about doing something about the high gasoline prices? Let’s make it happen.

Our Sedgwick County commissioners sure like to pick winners and losers and easily squander our taxpayer money on forgivable business loans. I am not paying my hard-earned money so that our commissioners can in turn give it away. How absurd.

I think we need to increase the penalty for running from police. Attempted murder?

Allowing the Keystone XL pipeline would be like letting BP put an oil rig in Cheney Reservoir.

I would feel more supportive of those who are critical of clean-energy windmills for killing birds if those critics didn’t drive cars, which kill thousands of defenseless animals on the roads.

Saudi Arabia is a terrorist state. That cannot be denied. Boeing does extensive business with the Saudis, so Boeing must be supporting terrorism.

It’s time: Eliminate the weak candidates such as Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich from your thinking, prayers and hopes, and let’s move on with the only credible candidate for 2012 — Herman Cain.

We’re close enough now to see the mess, including the economy and the Occupy groups, that the next Republican president will inherit from Obama. My prediction is he’ll be fixing everything so fast that he won’t have time to have 47 press conferences blaming everything on Obama.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after just 72 days, citing irreconcilable differences. And conservatives worry about gays ruining the sanctity of marriage?

I would like to personally apologize to the Koch brothers for making their lives a living hell. Please, sirs, allow me to pay higher taxes so that you can pay less.

I have a pet rock in my curio cabinet that has a better handle on reality than columnist Cal Thomas has or ever will have.

Why is it that anytime there is a single drop of rain, people in this town forget how to drive? Turn on your lights, activate your wipers, use your blinkers, and everything will be OK.