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Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 9)

I wonder if the 12 jurors in the Conrad Murray trial were Democrats or Republicans. We know it was 100 percent one way or the other, since the days of agreeing between the parties are over.

The United States has officially reached its lowest point. A cartoon was No. 1 at the box office the past two weekends.

China has been a godless nation ever since its communist takeover. Why would it go out of its way to help a stranger in need?

I noticed someone believes that kids shouldn’t be disciplined. My brother tried that with his three kids, and one uses drugs

Hey, everybody, great news. I found the American dream. I put it on my credit card. A Republican told me it would all work out. Guess I shouldn’t have listened to him. Oh, well. My bad.

Hey, Occupy Wall Street people: Where did you go? Has it gotten too cold for your convictions? Or did you run out of vacation time, and the greedy corporations heartlessly said you must go back to work?

The majority of the people I have observed who are involved with the Occupy Wall Street protests couldn’t find Wall Street on a bet, have no knowledge about how capitalism is supposed to work, and are primarily in it on the off chance that they will show up on the 10 p.m. news.

With the sexual harassment allegations, is the Herman Cain campaign going after the Bill Clinton voters?

This whole idea of anthropogenic global warming is the greatest fraud in modern human history. The left needs a crisis structure to use to control you, to decide who gets the money and who doesn’t, who makes the money and who pays, all by government force.

I’m sitting here looking out the window at my car in the driveway, and I think we need another Cash for Clunkers.

If your business does not work what most of us consider to be normal business hours, call back when I leave a message. Just because you like to have Wednesdays off, or Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, doesn’t mean I don’t need your service. If you don’t return my call, my next call will be to your competitor.

I think what you meant to say was that when vans of children from other races and socioeconomic backgrounds pull up to trick or treat, it makes you uncomfortable to see them in your neighborhood, so you shut off your light and hope they go away.

I saw a city bus fly through a red light at 21st Street and Tyler. Will anybody with Wichita Transit read this and do anything about it?