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Opinion Line (Nov. 8)

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Unemployment higher than 9 percent. Riots in the street. Good job, Mr. President.

It is a sad day in Wichita when the Chamber of Commerce pays one of the men responsible for the needless slaughter of thousands to address a sold-out crowd.

Protesters were out in full force for Bush’s visit. That shows such stupidity. He isn’t the president now. Obama is. What can Bush do? Tells you the liberals are old news. Can’t let anything go and move on to the 21st century.

I was at the Chamber of Commerce meeting on Nov. 3. Then I read the article about it in The Eagle on Nov. 4, and the reporter got everything absolutely correct. Now, what are the chances of that happening?

I hope someone asked Bush if he ever found those weapons of mass destruction.

How come The Eagle covered George W. Bush on Thursday evening and not the Big Read’s Tim O’Brien? You really missed out. And the event was free to everyone, not just exclusive to people who could afford to see Bush.

Have you ever wondered how the “average little guy” can be elected to office and then leave said office a multimillionaire?

There is not a stop sign at the top of the northbound I-235 ramp from eastbound Kellogg. Keep moving and merge into traffic. If you can’t drive in heavy, fast-moving traffic, get off the highway before you kill someone.

I purchased a Chrysler 300 to “buy American,” only to find out my Chrysler was made in Canada. I guess I should have bought a USA-made Toyota.

Whether on the phone, at a drive-through or in ordinary conversation, whenever you are asked to repeat yourself, realize that what may be needed isn’t only more volume but slower speech and clearer enunciation. Be kind to those who endure hearing loss.

In the good old days, a teacher could yank a troublemaker out of his seat and give him a couple of good whacks.

If you’re a college student and can’t afford your student loans, don’t blame anyone but yourself. You need to live within your means.

There’s a difference between respecting someone’s right to a belief and respecting the belief itself.

Whatever happened to giant, frilly collars? How did that go out of style?