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Missed tax revenue estimates have become norm

If it seems as if the state always misses its tax collection estimates, that’s because it’s happened a lot lately. August tax collections were $10.2 million less than projected – the 10th month of the past 12 that the state missed its estimates. The September tax collections will be announced Monday. This summer, Gov. Sam Brownback asked Wichitan Sam Williams to review procedures for estimating state revenue. A report is expected Tuesday. Brownback and Kansas Department of Revenue officials have blamed the missed estimates on the drops in oil, crop and cattle prices (and on President Obama). But Scott Drenkard of the Washington-based Tax Foundation, argues that the main cause is the elimination of state income taxes on pass-through income. Here is another clue: Kansas tax collections have fallen short of expectations 31 of 44 months since Brownback’s tax cuts took effect in January 2013, Associated Press reported. – Phillip Brownlee