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Letters to the editor on outsourcing, gun shows, illegal immigrants, Phelps, tax cuts, misbehaving tots

Outsourcing costs in the long run

Kansas and the United States have done so much outsourcing of jobs that I think corporate leaders and politicians have forgotten that it takes an active labor pool of people who are gainfully employed for any viable economic activity to sustain a community. The outsourcing has been unscrupulously done just to maximize profits for a few for the short term, without having any regard for people or local communities for the long term.

Making a fair profit is great. Being a lean company is good. But ruthlessly cutting jobs and abandoning infrastructure and fudging on tax incentives are what happened in the Rust Belt states. Steel-producing plants closed, and those economies shriveled up. Some have never recovered fully.

Merely spending money does not make a healthy economy. Rather, it takes the pump action of spending wisely and saving prudently. There must be a good balance.

Just like exercise of the human body, we need a proper balance in our economy. A proper balance requires a little bit of loyalty to keep stability.



Sad juxtaposition

This past week there was a sad juxtaposition of ideas and stories in The Eagle. There was a front-page article reporting the illegal sale of weapons by unlicensed gun dealers ("Licenses don't stop gun dealers," Dec. 15 Eagle). Then on Dec. 16 and 17 there were major advertisements for two mammoth gun shows — one at Century II and another at the Kansas Coliseum. Both were scheduled for Dec. 18 and 19 and offering a supermarket of deadly firearms, from assault rifles to semi-automatic handguns.

In light of the report of the illegal sale of such weapons, how many weekend purchases were clandestine? Which dealer will provide Mexican drug lords (as reported by MSNBC) the superior firepower to kill anyone attempting to stop them — such as U.S. Border Patrol officers? Perhaps there was a buyer at the gun shows akin to Clay Duke, the convicted felon with a history of mental problems who threatened the school board in Panama City, Fla.

How many must die before we finally learn to stop supplying easy means to kill? Our society provides the motivation with its incessant message that violence solves problems. What will be the death count from this free-market bonanza of violence and death?



Privileged people

Never in the history of the United States has so much been given to immigrants as is being done today for those who have entered our country illegally. In many cases, our government has gone so far as to ignore the rule of law and literally welcome these lawbreakers as privileged people deserving of all kinds of treats.

Americans just want the legal procedure honored that all other ethnic groups have followed, such as legal entry, learning our language and respecting the American ethic. But instead we see noncitizens rewarded with bank accounts, special programs to accommodate them in public schools, sometimes in-state tuition rates at universities, health care, etc.

Between illegal immigrants being hired for cheap labor, and China and India providing tax relief for business, the members of the American middle class are being squeezed out of their rightful opportunity for jobs and a productive life — and then asked to foot the bill for all the special programs provided for noncitizens.

Americans are the most charitable people in the world, but are resentful of being treated as doormats and second-class citizens.



Wrong protest

Why doesn't Fred Phelps start protesting the fact that the Carr brothers are still alive, and leave our war heroes alone?



Gold rules

I would like to thank President Obama and the Republican Party for ensuring that my friends who make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year won't have to pay any extra taxes next year. Oh, that's right — I don't know anyone who makes a quarter million or more.

All these rich guys must be the Republicans who paid for all those negative ads during the recent elections. It works well: You buy your friends into office, and they make sure you don't have to pay extra taxes or lose any of the other perks of being a billionaire.

It's a perfect example of the Golden Rule: Those who have the gold make the rules.



Misbehaving tots

The holiday season is rife with hustle and bustle. So it is understandable that parents, especially parents of young children, find the season to be especially hectic. However, while shopping at Towne East Square recently, I was alarmed to see many children and their parents showing disrespect to stores and store employees.

One mother sat trying on shoes while her toddler was allowed to throw shoes from a display onto the floor, as a harried employee faked a smile. Other children were left unattended to see Santa Claus while their parents shopped.

Though children may be the light of their parents' lives, when they are allowed to act out and misbehave, they become a nuisance to others. A little loving discipline can go a long way.