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Bloggers opine on fired employee, graffiti law

The following are some reader comments from our WE Blog, http://blogs.kansas.com/weblog:

Fired Walmart employee

To try to quell the instincts of a good person to prevent a bad thing from happening can't be a tenable policy. Sure, discourage people from doing it, but if it happens, don't fire the person.

It's hard to imagine she was unaware of the rule, which is there to protect the employee and anyone else in the area. She endangered her own life and those of all in the vicinity; the perpetrator could have been armed and violent. Still, immediate dismissal seems unnecessarily harsh.

It's a reasonable policy to limit to authorized personnel authority to confront a lawbreaker. But it's hard to accept it as a firing offense.

Fire her? Just more of what's wrong in our mindless society. She easily could have been given several days off without pay.

Soda tax

In days when product content disclosure and grocery store scanning make it possible to tax unhealthy food and beverage products more than healthy ones, it's something to look into.

Since I don't drink soda, I say, "tax the heck out of it." Time to look for a revenue source besides cigarettes.

It's just another tax, as spenders of all stripes love, so that they can redistribute money in a way that they believe will get them re-elected.

Virtually all sodas are sweetened with corn sugar. If the "soda tax" is seen as a revenue-generating plan, why not just end all corn subsidies in the farm bill and divert those monies into the programs that would be funded by the soda tax?

The problem is not taxing bad habits. It's taxing good habits, like eating fruit and veggies (sales tax), and tax subsidies to agribusiness to overproduce starchy grain (corn, wheat) and meat (beef, pork).

Find activities for your kids, limit their time on the computer or any other tech activity. Just don't believe it's all about them being overweight. It's about taxing. We are about to get nailed with taxes on this and taxes on that. If it's not a tax, it will be a fee.

Graffiti ordinance

This proposed law is laughable. Arrested for carrying a Sharpie?

How about an alternative? Some of these graffiti people are quite talented. Find some places that need a face-lift. Get them to sketch their idea and provide the paint.

When spray cans are outlawed, only outlaws will have spray cans.

Tiahrt/Moran race

Looks like both candidates want to highlight personal disagreements rather than focus on real issues important to the nation. Don't let them get away with this detour.

These two really seem to be having trouble highlighting truly distinctive differences between themselves, so they get caught up in squabbling over seemingly minor issues.