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Obama haters cheered Chicago's loss

"Ding Dong! The Witch is dead.

"Which old witch?

"The Wicked Witch!

"Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead."

Keep that tune in mind as you read this.

When the International Olympic Committee announced last week that Chicago was no longer in the running to host the 2016 Games, I couldn't believe my ears.

It wasn't the announcement that surprised me, much less shocked me.

Nor was it the gasps and groans from the thousands who had gathered in the Windy City, bitterly disappointed that their town had been eliminated in the first round of voting.

There was the sound of surprised jubilation from the remaining cities in the running, still hoping that Tokyo, Madrid or Rio de Janeiro would be chosen for this event — which would attract athletes and visitors from across the globe for a few glorious days seven years from now.

And then, after Tokyo had been knocked out of the competition, came the announcement that Rio had beaten out Madrid for the coveted prize.

That's when I heard the most sickening sound imaginable.

No, not the screams of joy from Brazilians who had worked hard and long to bring this moment to their country, nor from those moaning patriots in Spain who thought they had a good chance of capturing the Games.

The worst sound I heard came from Americans who were delighted that a U.S. city had lost its bid.

The reason for their utter glee? A defeat for a president whom they not only despise but have come to hate.

Because Barack Obama had gone to Copenhagen, Denmark, to support the bid of his home city, just as the heads of state for the other finalist countries had done, many Republican and right-wing naysayers were rooting for anyplace other than Chicago.

When Chicago lost, they saw it as a loss for the Obamas, and that meant a glorious win for those who simply can't stand this president.

They were so ecstatic that they reminded me of the Munchkins in "The Wizard of Oz" joyously singing that famous song after Dorothy's house had landed on, and killed, the Wicked Witch of the East.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh, like the good witch Glinda, took to the airwaves and urged all the Munchkins to "Come out, come out, wherever you are." And boy did they come running.

I know it's hard to picture Limbaugh as Glinda or any good witch, but he was exuberant in declaring Oct. 2 as the worst day of the Obama administration.

"Folks, the ego has landed," he proclaimed to the delight of his loyal followers, including many politicians on Capitol Hill.

Many were quick to pronounce Obama a failure, politically inept and, of course, mighty arrogant for even thinking he might have influence on the IOC, an even more fickle political body than the U.S. Congress.

But this time the IOC got it right. Rio had the best bid and by far the best argument: Its time had come. The Games have never been in South America, and Rio lost out in three previous tries.

Of the finalists, Chicago's probably was the worst bid, economically and politically — half the people in Chicago were against the Olympics coming to their city.

Chicago's loss was no more a reflection on Obama than his choice of a restaurant to celebrate his and the first lady's 17th wedding anniversary, but I'm sure his detractors can find some fault in that as well.

I've said before that the Obama haters would rejoice in the very failure of this nation if it meant a defeat for the president. Their reaction to Chicago's losing bid for the Olympics proves it.

But they are the flag-wearing, banner-waving patriots who are ready to condemn others who dare question any policy or action of this country.

Sadly, many of them exhibit the traits of several other characters who made that trip with Dorothy to see the Wizard, but that's all I'll say on that.

Meanwhile, they will continue their vicious attacks on the president and continue to pray for his failure. Of course the opposition leaders will always have their chorus to applaud and mimic their vile juvenile behavior.

Cue the Munchkins.