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Morning reading list

A reader asks via email which news sources I read in the morning to get started for the day. It varies by day, and by my schedule — whether I have an early meeting, or time to scan several news sites over coffee. And I do scan more than I read in the morning.

It should go without saying that I start with Kansas.com. I also like to check in on NPR, and I scan Mashable and TechCrunch once or twice through the day. I also keep an eye on local conversations via Twitter. If I’m having lunch at my desk, I might take a few minutes to look at some news industry sites, especially sites that focus on online news strategies. I try to take a few minutes to scan sites of the national broadcast networks and cable TV stations.

I generally don’t have time to read longer pieces — something from the NY Times or Wall Street Journal — till I get to the couch with my laptop at night.