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The value of The Eagle

“The Old Man and the Sea” has 26,560 words. “Animal Farm” has 29,060; “The Call of the Wild” has 37,058; “The Great Gatsby” has 47,094; “Profiles in Courage” has 62,400; and the May 3, 2009, Wichita Eagle has 80,156, not counting advertising.*

Eighty. Thousand. Words.

Eighty thousand words about your city, nation and world in addition to sports, business, entertainment and commentary. All of it brought to you by people who live down your block, go to your church and shop at your stores.

On top of that, there are photos by prize-winning photographers, Parade magazine, comics and circulars that tell you what's hot and, more importantly for many, what's on sale.

Looking for a job or want to buy a car or a boat? Found a dog, lost a dog or want to adopt a dog? Going house hunting or mapping out your garage-sale route? There are hundreds of classified ads you can dig through.

Oh yeah, there’s also $318 worth of coupons.**

So . . . every Sunday you can read “The Old Man and the Sea” three times in a row and not save any money, or you can increase your knowledge, be entertained and potentially save hundreds of dollars.

All for only $2 — less if you have The Eagle delivered to your home.

Who says there aren’t bargains in the world?

* I chose May 3 because that's when I started this project. It's been six weeks, but man, that was a lot of counting. Also, numbers were counted as words. e.g. "The koala's rampage sent 73 people to the hospital on April 14" would count as 12 words.

** This amount varies each week. But you're smart, you knew that already.