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TV section listings will improve

Many thanks to the readers who sent me some detailed examples of erroneous listings in our TV guide section the past month or so. With your help, we’ve been able to work with the company that provides our listings, Tribune Media Services, to make changes that should significantly improve the accuracy of listings each week.

TMS was able to track specific examples of incorrect listings, finding that in each case, the networks in question had changed their programming plans after we went to press with our TV section. Sometimes, the programming changed within hours of our printing.

Like most newspapers, we print the TV section well in advance of the day you receive it. TMS sends us a feed of the listings at a specified time each week to fit our printing schedule, and we discovered that significant changes were being made to programming after we printed the section. We can’t eliminate that completely — we need to print the section ahead of time to make room on the press for live news sections, and TV networks are always free to change their programming up to the last minute.

But the Eagle’s production director, Cindy Trenary, was able to shift printing schedules to nearly cut in half the advance time we need for printing the TV section. So beginning with the section you’ll receive on June 21, you’ll be getting more current listings that will capture many more of the programming changes that get made during the week.

We appreciate readers’ help in resolving these issues. Happy TV-watching.