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Good alternatives to fossil fuels

A recent letter writer criticized Al Gore and his 1992 book, “Earth in the Balance,” which called for the elimination of internal combustion engines within 25 years (“What if Al Gore had gotten his way?” Aug. 20 Letters to the Editor). The writer said there is no good alternative to fossil fuel-powered cars and imagined Wichita streets running with horse poo if Gore had prevailed. The final flourish was the statement that carbon dioxide is a natural and necessary atmospheric element, implying that attempting to reduce CO2 emissions is frivolous and unnecessary.

Even though Gore did not “get his way,” we do have good alternatives right now. My wife and I have owned a plug-in hybrid for two years. We have not changed our driving habits since the purchase. What has changed is the number of fuel stops.

I have not kept a fuel diary, but my feeling is that we purchase gasoline about 3-4 times per year (excluding fill-ups on occasional road trips), while putting 10,000 miles on the car. It just does not run on gas very often in town with its more than 25-mile range per charge.

The letter writer also argued that electric cars are charged by burning fossil fuels. If Gore had his way, much more electricity would now be generated by nonpolluting wind and solar.

Jerry Cooper, Wichita

Pro-life questions

Please ask your pro-life candidate these questions:

▪ Will you also protect babies, children, teens, handicapped folks and seniors?

▪ Should there be exceptions for Zika fetuses?

▪ What about reducing unintended pregnancies with contraceptives?

▪ Do you think victims of rape, incest or human trafficking need protection?

▪ Will you make laws about dads’ bodies?

Evaluate before you vote. Are your candidate’s answers compassionate or merely political? Does your candidate honor humans or just invisible life?

Jane Byrnes, Wichita

Great concerts

We want to give a shout-out to Botanica for its Tuesdays on the Terrace concerts. They are so entertaining and very, very good. We have been attending for two years, and the music just keeps getting better and better. Also, they had one of our favorite groups earlier this month, Timmy Jonas and the Whiskey Militia, a local band.

We urge everyone to get season passes or at least come one time (the concerts run through the end of September). We bet you’ll come back.

Thanks again, Botanica, for great summer fun.

D. Verbeck and V. Wage, Wichita

Wonderful people

On Aug. 15, while driving west on 13th, my car stopped running. After some time, I tried pushing my car out of traffic while cars zoomed by honking at this 73-year-old lady. Eventually, a young woman and her son stopped, pushed me out of traffic and gave me a ride home.

There are still many wonderful people in Wichita.

Joyce Schlyer, Wichita

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