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Lawmakers fleecing schools, roads

I am wondering if anyone besides me is concerned at the fleecing of education and infrastructure by our state lawmakers. They have stolen highway funds to pay for the ill-advised tax cuts – so much for good roads in Kansas. They’re also cutting school funding, even though they know that the Kansas Supreme Court will likely rule against the state on this. They bury their heads in the sand.

Gov. Sam Brownback claimed before the election that those warning about budget problems were liars. The chickens have come home to roost for Brownback, and we the people of Kansas will be paying the price.

Unfortunately, this is not over yet. What happens if and when February’s tax revenues come in lower than projected?



Hurting the poor

Religious Republicans helped keep Gov. Sam Brownback in office, yet his cuts in social programs are going to hurt poor people and children. I don’t think any religious person would agree that hurting the poor and giving advantage to the rich are within his beliefs.

Jesus attended to the poor when on Earth. The rich would take care of themselves.

Kansas is the laughingstock of the nation, with credit downgrades and lagging job creation. Shame on those who voted that to come to pass.



Let rich invest

“Robbing the rich to feed the idle” does not work very well. It does not produce any food. Better let the rich invest with those who do produce things we want, so we can all share.



Please remember

When you phone 911 for help, you expect someone will answer. Please remember your taxes made it possible for someone to respond.

Please remember your taxes made possible the fire department. Please remember your taxes made possible the ambulance and emergency medical technicians. Please remember your taxes made possible the police and their squad cars.

When you send your children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren out the door to school, you expect a school and a teacher there to guide them in learning. Please remember your taxes built the building and provided the teachers.

When you were in grade school and high school, and even in college, your parents expected that buildings and teachers were there to guide you. Please remember someone’s taxes built the buildings and paid the teachers to be there for your education.

When you leave for work, you expect a road to be available for safe travel and in repair. Please remember your taxes make the road possible and keep it available for your safe use.

Please remember you share in providing all the services and conveniences of our society through the taxes you pay.



Obama no leader

In this perilous time, when people are being beheaded and burned alive, the world needs to hear a strong message from the White House on what we as Americans are going to do about it. It is unfortunate that our feckless commander in chief, with his community-organizer background, is incapable of elucidating that message. Instead, he appears more like a character in a graphic novel (a comic book) who has misplaced his cloak of invincibility and has slipped into the costume of Batman’s foe the Joker.

The world needs a true leader to combat an evil that is, I believe, as great as what was faced during World War II. With no one in sight to fulfill that role, it is indeed a sad day for this great country.


Valley Center

Need insurance

Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran expressed their displeasure that the president’s budget includes cuts in the crop insurance programs (Feb. 3 Eagle). We all know the farmers whom we depend on take risks every year – they cannot control the weather.

Everyone is required to have vehicle insurance because an accident can happen – regardless of who is at fault. All of us will have need for medical help if we live long enough. We do not plan for or choose what or when that will be and seldom have any control over what can become a catastrophe.

Insurance means sharing risks, each of us hoping we are not the one who needs that help. Shouldn’t we be very concerned that all people in the United States have medical insurance to provide some protection for themselves and their families? This is major – not for any particular group, but for all of us.

This is the purpose of the Affordable Care Act, to give all our citizens access to medical care – something that is available in all other developed countries.


North Newton

Oil subsidies

I am forced to agree with the sentiments of Thomas Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance, regarding the wind production tax credit (“Costly subsidy,” Feb. 5 Letters to the Editor). We should not be supporting an energy entity that has been feeding at the trough for decades.

While we are eliminating the wind tax credit, should we not approach another energy entity that has been feeding at that same trough for more than a century?

Our government has been subsidizing the oil and gas industry since they were the “new kids” in the energy business. These companies are stable and well-funded and no longer need the billions of dollars they get in incentives from taxpayers. (One estimate is $37.5 billion, but there is little transparency in their transactions so precision is lacking.) The president has tried repeatedly to reduce this handout, to no avail.

Instead of picking on the new guys, why don’t we lean on the fat cats for a while? Is it all about the money? Or do we just hate renewable energy?



Stop interfering

A word to men who don’t want their girlfriends to have abortions: Practice abstinence or use protection when you have sex.

A word to Kansas legislators: Stop practicing medicine.

Doctors who perform abortions know which procedures will ensure the health of the woman as well as maintain her ability to have children when the time is right for her. The bill to ban the dilation and evacuation procedure would also make abortions more dangerous for women (“Activists push legislators to outlaw certain abortions,” Feb. 3 Eagle). In addition, such a law would interfere with a woman’s right to privacy, the principle underlying the Roe v. Wade decision, and a doctor’s right to make decisions regarding his or her patient’s health.

Of course, if legislators want to face even more expensive lawsuits, they can go ahead and pass that law. What they should be doing is finding a cure for our state’s fiscal woes, not finding ways to increase the money bleed.



Culture of fear

I agree with and applaud the opinion expressed in “False security” (Feb. 1 Letters to the Editor). As a society, we give lip service to the idea that our faith is in God. We much prefer to try to maintain the fantasy that we are in control of our own lives and destiny.

More people carrying guns will certainly not make any of us safer – in fact, I believe just the opposite is true. Jesus taught us to trust in him and follow his creative, surprising examples of how to respond to enemies. No. 1 on his list: “Don’t kill them.”

For a lighthearted, family-friendly yet sincere and earnest look at the question of how to deal with our enemies, plan to attend “I’d Like to Buy an Enemy” at 3 p.m. Feb. 15 at University Friends Church, 1840 W. University. Wichita peacemakers will host this two-man satire showing the lighter side of the U.S. culture of fear.



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