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Claims in anti-vaccine film discredited

The following letter was submitted by physicians Rebecca Reddy, Stephanie Kuhlmann, Venessa Y. Lopez, Mayssa Zayat, Lana Hattar, Katherine Melhorn, Sid Sivamurthy, Natalie Sollo, Robert Wittler, Deborah Kroeker, Larry Hund, Mary Boyce, Jamie Page and Gautham Reddy:

As community physicians who provide care to children in Wichita, we are deeply disturbed by recent local showings of Andrew Wakefield’s anti-vaccine film, “Vaxxed,” and by the discredited former doctor’s appearance at Tuesday’s screening.

In 1998, Wakefield falsified vaccine research for his own gain and misled the public about the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine being linked to autism. His research has been proved false by numerous subsequent studies, and he has been stripped of his medical license. Still, Wakefield’s falsehood persists, and it continues to endanger the lives of thousands of children whose fearful parents needlessly avoid the vaccine.

Wakefield is a pariah in his native England but has moved to the United States, where he apparently is reinventing himself as a filmmaker but should only be seen as the danger he is. We encourage conscientious readers and concerned parents to talk to their doctors about the vaccine and to read a recent review of Wakefield’s film and his discredited claims at hollywoodreporter.com/news/anti-vaccine-doc-vaxxed-a-882651.

Justices stand up

We are fortunate to have Supreme Court justices here in Kansas with the courage and honesty to stand up for our constitution and for our public school students against an oppressive governor and his rubber-stamp Legislature.

Beth Vannatta, Halstead

Plenty of money

With new schools now being built, and with many others completed or now standing empty, I can’t believe there are so many people complaining about not enough tax money for public education in general.

In those classrooms that I have visited, there was too little room for the students because of all the excess stuff, such as computers, books, games, films and TV equipment. Still, there’s the constant complaint from many about too little tax money for the children’s education. Such baloney.

Don Roe, Wichita

Trump is an idiot

Anyone who would cut down a judge who is making decisions on his fraud lawsuit would have to be a complete idiot. I’ve heard it all now.

Donald Trump says he knows more about ISIS than the generals. Everybody who disagrees with him is a liar, a nut or sleazy. This guy is so arrogant that he doesn’t realize the repercussions of what comes out of his mouth.

You notice that Trump often wears a baseball cap when he is campaigning so he looks like any Joe, to make people think he’s just like them. Before this campaign he probably hadn’t worn a baseball cap since Little League, if at all.

Trump University is the latest example of his greed. Even some of his own university employees said the venture was designed to pilfer money from old people and the uneducated. If anyone should be in jail, it is Trump.

Leo Karlin, Winfield

Friendliest city

I would like to express great appreciation for the friendliness and hospitality shown to the people who competed recently in the state Special Olympics in Wichita.

The Mosaic in Southeast Kansas staff and those we serve were blown away by the hospitality shown to our group by area businesses. From the hotel staff to the generous people who served us at local restaurants, everyone was beyond accommodating.

The staff at the Holiday Inn at Rock and Kellogg was very courteous and took the time to interact with our Special Olympics athletes. As we were leaving for the stadium, several employees stopped to cheer our athletes as they made their way to the van. You can’t believe how special they felt.

The business that stands out the most was McDonald’s at 1219 S. Rock Road. The manager, Tracey Striplin, and the staff went above and beyond what anyone could have expected. As we were leaving, Striplin informed us that they had just baked a batch of cookies and wanted to send them with us so each of our athletes could have a treat on the road.

Wichita has proved itself to be one of the friendliest, most supportive and hospitable places we have ever visited.

Amber Ames, Pittsburg

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