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Find time to visit Wichita’s Veterans Memorial Park

As Memorial Day approaches, I want to encourage all to visit Veterans Memorial Park, 339 Veterans Parkway. In my view, it is one of our city’s hidden treasures, and I am certain that you will find your time well-spent as you visit this venue of history and service sitting along the Arkansas River. It will be a catalyst for reflection, contemplation and gratitude.

While in the park, make certain you visit the World War II Memorial, one of the newest additions, where more than 1,500 women and men are honored with a brick identifying their military branch, area of service and time of service. When you visit the WWII Memorial, you find “Kilroy,” who has a deserved and prominent place on the monument.

Kilroy became the U.S. super-GI who had always “already been” wherever GIs went. It became a challenge to place the logo in the most unlikely places imaginable, and it became a symbol to our military of the strength and global reach of the U.S. armed forces. Because almost every veteran of World War II had an experience with Kilroy, it was determined that this special mark simply had to be a part of the World War II Memorial in our city.

On this upcoming Memorial Day holiday, I hope you will find time to visit Veterans Memorial Park and honor those veterans who are or were your friends, family, neighbors.

Ted D. Ayres, Wichita

Board president, World War II Memorial Inc.

GOP stands for . . .

As another election year rolls up, I believe it is time to examine just what the Republican Party stands for these days.

It does not believe all citizens should vote, just the ones it wishes to vote. Rather than work toward a system that encourages all to vote, Republicans are throwing up roadblocks as fast as the courts will allow them to do so.

Republicans lay claim to their desire to balance budgets, to live within our means by being fiscally responsible. But when comparing Democrats and Republicans at the national level as it pertains to massive deficits, the Republican are the clear winners.

Republicans crow ceaselessly about freedom. But as we can see in Kansas and other states, their efforts at freedom extend to a small minority of religious zealots who wish to monitor restrooms.

Religious freedom? This extends to only those who wish to enforce their own religion down upon the rest of us.

Of course Republicans believe in guns. So much so that Republicans believe even those on a terrorist watch list should be allowed to purchase a weapon.

Lastly, one of the basic principles the founders of this country gave us was an independent judiciary. Both at the state and national levels, Republicans work as hard as they can to control and bend the judiciary to their own nefarious ends.

Michael G. Nichols, Wichita

Change courses

It is time for Kansans to start looking at state school and services funding in terms of spending choices, rather than continuing our knee-jerk rejection of taxation.

Reductions of state income taxes from Gov. Sam Brownback’s 2012 “experiment” did leave spendable money in our bank accounts. But the “have our cake and eat it, too” predictions (i.e., increasing overall state funding by decreasing personal taxes) are proving to be wrong. The failure of the predictions and the experiment leaves us looking very bad – choosing to keep our money instead of helping our schools and the poor.

This is not who we Kansans are. Choices are hard now. But prudence says that we change courses now. Let’s make a spending choice in favor of our schools and those in need.

Kenneth Jack, Goddard

Eagle going to hell

I was shocked that The Eagle printed a full-page ad May 15 declaring that God is not pro-life, and that God, Jesus, Moses and Paul did not prohibit abortion.

The verses given in the ad were taken completely out of context. The full chapters find God as punishing his people for disobedience, which is what will happen to America if we continue to turn our backs on Him and disobey Him.

I note that all the verses given were in the Old Testament. If the Freedom From Religion Foundation leaders were to read the New Testament and accept what it says, they would find just the opposite of the declaration in the ad. Galatians 1:14-24 and Luke 1:15 are just a few verses the foundation’s leaders should read.

If God were not pro-life, He would not have created Adam and Eve and all the animals. Genesis 3:16 shows that God intended for women to bear children.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is nothing more than a voice for Satan, and The Eagle has allowed itself to become its messenger. Romans 1:26-32 tells us who is going to hell, and The Eagle has just put itself in that category.

R. Jenkins, Wichita

Make adjustments

If you are a dad with a young daughter, you know what happens when she needs to use the restroom in a public place. If the restroom is for one person, you stand guard like a junkyard dog. If it is a multi-stall, you become the best TSA screener on the planet.

Our president has two daughters. I bet he has done the same thing. So why does he want to disrupt things with a presidential directive demanding bathroom changes across the country? Votes? There are not that many transgender people. Something else is going on.

Many of the rest of us who are a little different learn to make adjustments. If you are small, you learn how to get that item from the top shelf. You do not demand that grocery stores make adjustments for you, nor do you expect them to.

I will stand with those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community when it comes to discrimination, disrespect or bullying. But they need to make the bathroom adjustments and get over themselves. The world does not revolve around them.

Tom Oyler, Wichita

Why not apologize?

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., who normally is sensitive to racial affronts, insists that we not apologize for killing 200,000 Japanese with atom bombs – the only time such weapons have been used on civilians – because it was war (“Obama not apologizing for Hiroshima, nor should he,” May 16 Opinion). So war means never having to say you’re sorry?

I get that “war is hell,” but I don’t see that one should deny regrets after a war, or that there’s no value in the simple decency of an apology, however paltry.

I fear that refusing to apologize for Hiroshima implies that atomic bombing of cities is something we can excuse doing again – that it’s one of those “options” that our political leaders insist they won’t ever “take off the table.” Indeed, current plans to spend more than $1 trillion to upgrade America’s nuclear arsenal suggest that America’s leaders are more committed than ever to threatening what we’re repeatedly told is “a dangerous world” with instant destruction.

On the other hand, if we started to apologize for the atrocities that even Pitts admits America committed, maybe we’d be less prone to repeat them going forward.

Tom Hull, Wichita

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