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Letters on Supreme Court, war on poverty, Trump and Clinton, mangy fox

Supreme Court protects our right to speak minds

No doubt there are those who agree with the writer of “Court seized power” (Feb. 20 Letters to the Editor) and his opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court and others who disagree. But either way, it is the work of the Supreme Court to protect the writer’s right to be critical and say whatever he wishes about the court.

Personally, I agreed with the opinions handed down on the cases the writer mentioned, but I disagreed with several others that he did not mention. The alternatives to three separate powers of the federal government are distasteful. Our current system is what keeps us alive, safe, well-represented and able to speak our minds.

Clyde Vasey, Winfield

Enslaved to entitlements

We’ve spent more money on the progressives’ “war on poverty” than on all of America’s real wars combined. And that war has enslaved so many people to entitlements that have been paid by stealing from the productive and redistributing to the unproductive.

V.V. Hass, Wichita

No help with fox

I called 911 and reported a fox with mange on my 87-year-old neighbor’s porch. The dispatcher said she would contact animal control.

One hour later, I called animal control and was told they had not been contacted. I also was told that wild animals are not their responsibility and that I should contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. I did, and was told I’d have to hire someone to do the job.

The fox ran off after a while to who knows where. Hard to believe that in a city of 400,000, no one will take responsibility to remove a possibly rabid wild animal from city streets when we have two pages of taxpayer-funded city departments listed in the phone book for everything under the sun.

Greg Windler, Wichita

Trump helping Clinton

It’s obvious that Donald Trump is paving the way for Hillary Clinton to be the next president. Does anyone not see this?

Phill Lonas, Goddard

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