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Executive orders are out of control

The use of presidential executive orders is totally out of control. The authority was never intended to be used as a political pawn for either party.

It should be used sparingly for national security crisis, such as embassy threats internationally, or National Guard use for riots or weather disasters. Long-term national issues such as immigration, national minimum wage and other national problems deserve intelligent and thoughtful input from every House and Senate representative prior to a vote. A president does not possess the collective and intellectual knowledge to make these landmark decisions.

This great nation deserves better.



Not conservative

What’s conservative about a political “conservative”? Where is the conservation in a party that hates renewable energy and prairie chickens that defile their drilling rights and that distrusts “government regulations” intended to conserve and preserve the planet where their grandchildren will try to live?

“Global warming is a myth,” they say. “Fracking procedures do not cause earthquakes.” “Fluoridation in water is poison.” “Evolution is only a theory.”

I call them “consumatives.” The Republican Party is not only the “party of no.” It’s also the party of no tomorrow.



Jealous of Kochs

Jealousy is a terrible affliction.

The Kochs have worked hard, invested well, employ thousands across the country, donate millions to good causes, and are a great American success story. Yet I am amazed at all the negative letters people write about them following an article in The Eagle describing some of the good things they do.

These “complainers” need to work on creating their own success stories rather than criticize those who are successful.



Gross has moxie

After reading “A conversation with Schane Gross” (Jan. 4 Business Sunday), I had to comment. As an oldster, 67, it has been fun and fascinating watching Gross’ growth and progress this past 20-some years. She is the poster child for what brains, determination and moxie can accomplish. She exemplifies what can be achieved through hard work, vision and a fearless dedication to whom she is.

Next time you see a tattooed, bicycle-riding young lady on Douglas, don’t judge. It could be Gross or the next successful entrepreneurial businesswoman of Wichita. We need more people like Shirley Jane Gross.



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