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Letters on Paris attacks, bike paths, crisis pregnancy centers, Kapaun, Royals

Be prepared to fight against Islamic State

The Paris attacks demonstrate with intensity that Islamic terrorism is a fact of life with no expected end. Islamic terrorism appeals to the criminal nature of man. Crime has been with humans since Cain of Genesis and is something we have to experience and control; so it must be with Islamic terrorism. We do not surrender to criminals our rights or way of life, and we must not surrender to ISIS or any other group.

We must have the determination of Americans on United Airlines Flight 93 during Sept. 11, 2001. When terrorists show up, we must have the resolve to personally make the fight. A person must determine that if he is close enough to die by the terrorist, he is close enough to attack the terrorist. Better to die fighting than to be a lamb for slaughter, and you might save the life of someone else.

There is no way to have a policeman for every venue. Islamic terrorism has made us all soldiers in this war. Let us not fear or cower from the fight in defense of freedom and life.

James W. Kilpatrick Jr., Wichita

Nonviolent option

Knee-jerk reactions to the Paris terrorism are to drop 20 more bombs on a Syrian city, Raqqa, regardless of the non-terrorist children killed and refugees generated, and to suspect our innocent Muslim neighbors. As a result, France and its allies are seen by many as just as monstrous as the terrorists, which aids recruitment of more suicide bombers – instead of aiding refugees fleeing terrorists in Syria, instead of admitting the causes of terrorism, instead of honoring problem-solvers and policy-changers rather than promoters of violent reactions and perpetual war, instead of retaining our humanity.

Stanley Bohn, North Newton

Safer bike lanes

Between Derby and Wichita along Oliver/Buckner, new 10-foot-wide sidewalk/bike lanes/hiking lanes will be installed. There will be no stripes or marks on the roads like some places in Wichita that put bikers in harm’s way. Wow – what a novel idea.

Friends live near Hillside and Lincoln in Wichita. Recently, their street (which always has cars lining both sides) was all marked up, and no one even knew what it meant. Wouldn’t a nice, wide sidewalk with a “use this” sign on each end be more practical and safe?

Bob Cropp, Derby

Full of deceit

Cal Thomas’ column about California’s new crisis pregnancy center regulations was full of deceit and lies (“Real deceivers are those who promote abortion,” Nov. 4 Opinion). It reflected how little Thomas knows about how abortion clinics operate, the true nature of crisis pregnancy centers and how women make reproductive health decisions.

By and large, crisis pregnancy centers exist to counsel pregnant women against having abortions. Most staff members at these centers are not medically trained and can provide no real medical services. Furthermore, many use tricks and deception to convince women that they offer abortions, luring them into their doors.

California recently passed commonsense legislation that requires crisis pregnancy centers to provide women with information about all the options available to them, including family planning services, contraception and abortion. People like Thomas and other anti-choice extremists who seek to keep women from accessing this basic information are the ones who need to be interrogated about their decisions, not women striving to make the best choice for themselves and their families.

Julie A. Burkhart, Wichita

CEO and director, Trust Women Foundation and South Wind Women’s Center

Too much Kapaun

Enough with the long articles about Emil Kapaun, which occupy precious space that should feature some really important news such as problems in Washington, D.C.; our war with terrorism; or our growing national debt.

If those in the hierarchy in the Roman Catholic Church were really the students of the Bible that they should be, they would know that it clearly teaches that all believers in Christ are saints (as well as members of the “royal priesthood”), and no mortal has had or ever will have a special pipeline to God such as that claimed by the Roman church for its multitude of saints. Christians can go directly to God without the intercession of a saint. Consequently, praying to saints for special help or privileges from God appears to be a form of idolatry.

Kapaun, even if he is finally canonized, will be just another war hero, just another mortal – and, yes, along with other Christians, a true saint in God’s sight.

Roland Mueller, Winfield

True champions

Qualities of champions” (Nov. 3 Eagle Editorial) was a well-written, joyous exploration of the talent, character and persistence so well-developed in the Kansas City Royals.

After 30 years, we Kansans – and other fans – rejoiced in this well-fought, historic battle. The resilience, composure, faith and fundamentals that it takes to succeed in life most definitely were the keys that made the winning difference.

Thank you, Royals team and manager Ned Yost. And thanks, Eagle editorial board, for so well articulating the team’s very makeup.

Marabeth Journagan, Wichita

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