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Letters on fracking earthquakes, election results, sun not shining, war on women, ‘Dem-wit,’ tourism jewel

Of course fracking is the problem

Gov. Sam Brownback and his oil industry puppets have told us there is not enough evidence that the surge of oil fracking and deep-well injections is responsible for the enormous increase in earthquake activity. Whom are they trying to fool? These men obviously aren’t going to tell the truth and bite the hand that feeds them.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense understands that Oklahoma’s increase from 50 earthquakes a year to more than 3,000 in 2013 was in direct correlation to the immense increase of oil drilling, well fracking and, most likely, the high-pressure deep injection of wastewater that have occurred in the past two years. Now the drillers have moved to three south-central Kansas counties, and the huge increase in earthquakes also followed.

The governor says he is adding more monitoring stations to gather data. This move is nothing but a political ruse to stall for time so his wealthy oil buddies can suck more oil out of the ground before the public outcry forces the governor to put a moratorium on fracking.

When Kansans’ home foundations start cracking and crumbling, who is going to pay for the repairs? You and I will. The oil barons cannot be held liable, the government won’t help, and most insurance companies do not cover earthquake damage. So the rich get richer, the governor plays games, his commission tells lies, and we pay the costs.



Share sadness

We read and reread “Nothing really ever changes” (Nov. 9 Letters to the Editor), and we agree with it all. We share the letter writer’s sadness and disappointment with the results of election after election, as do countless other Americans who observe with despair the inability and unwillingness of our elected representatives and the officials who serve them to point this nation again in the direction of hope and the bright, prosperous future America meant to all mankind.



Sun won’t shine

I am a near-senior citizen and a dedicated teacher, and I am helping to care for aging parents. I suffer from diabetes and chronic depression. I am not in a position to open a small business.

The sun will not shine on me without a robust state pension system and Medicare. It will not shine on me without lower class sizes, well-earned tenure and a cost-of-living increase to make up for years of less-than-adequate pay raises. It will not shine on me if corporations continue to cast such a large shadow on the little people below them.

I congratulate Gov. Sam Brownback on his recent win and sincerely wish him well. But he needs to remember that he represents me, too.



Lousy war

For several years, including the recent campaign, Democrats have claimed that Republicans are waging war against women. In the name of common sense, I have never understood what the Republicans could expect to gain by such a war.

In any event, they have conducted a lousy war, because in spite of it, four of their very own women have somehow managed to be elected to the U.S. Senate, where they now serve. And then, of all things, two more slipped in under the radar this past election and will join their four compatriots in January.

Clearly, if the Republicans persist in their war, they will have to hone their tactics.



I’m a ‘Dem-wit’

I guess that I am a “Dem-wit” (“Smart voters,” Nov. 11 Letters to the Editor). I don’t believe that we should ignore the hungry, the abused, the abandoned, the elderly and the homeless.

The letter writer referred to these people as lazy and dumb. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a young mother whose husband leaves her and their children without any means of support. It happens daily.

How about a homeless veteran? Is he dumb and lazy because he needs help getting back on his feet? What about an elderly widow? If she needs help paying her utility bills, will you deny her that?

I pay taxes and give money to my church and the local food bank so people who are unable to meet their needs are helped. If my willingness to help the hungry, the elderly and the homeless makes me a “Dem-wit,” then I am happy to be one.



Tourism jewel

I recently finished a two-week visit to Kansas and stayed in Wichita. I was greatly impressed with the beauty, diversity, culture and fascinating histories of Wichita and smaller cities. Everyone was kind and very courteous, not to mention helpful on a number of occasions. Services are second to none that I have seen traveling around, and hotels, meals and entertainment were very reasonably priced compared with other areas I have visited.

It was a great surprise to see the great job that was done in preserving all the historical buildings in places like Dodge City, Lawrence and Wichita. Kansans have so much to be proud of, so I would like to suggest that the state really take on an ambitious project in advertising itself a lot more throughout the rest of North America and Europe.

In the interim, I will let people in my province of Alberta know what a rich jewel they are missing out on.


Edmonton, Canada

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