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Letters on Veterans Day parade, negative campaign, smart voters, same-sex marriage

Shaking hands with a genuine hero

I was never more proud of Wichita than I was Saturday during the Veterans Day parade (Nov. 9 Local & State). I had the opportunity to participate in the parade myself, and as a veteran I shook hands with many veterans along the parade route.

But there was one veteran who caught my eye. He was an African-American gentleman who had a hat that said he was a World War II and Korean War veteran. I pointed to him and motioned for him to walk up in front of the crowd. He did that, and I shook his hand and started to say “thank you for your service,” but nothing came out. I had tears in my eyes and a big lump in my throat. As we shook hands, he nodded to me as if to say, “I understand.” I shook hands with a genuine hero that day, and I’ll never forget it.

I would like to thank the organizers of the parade and all the people who made the parade a big success. It was a very special day.



Bad example

Since when did leadership come to be about how much you can put down a person who doesn’t hold the same views?

I’m appalled at all the negative advertising that went on during this 2014 election by those who want to be in leadership positions.

It’s sad that our young people are learning about leadership by watching candidates put down each other for the sake of representing the people. It’s so hard to teach young people about empathy, compassion and kindness when we are bombarded with negativity, hatred and cruelty from those running for elected positions, those who have or want to have the title of a leader but sure don’t act like one.

With all those millions of dollars spent on mailers that went directly into my recycle bin, radio and TV ads that I didn’t watch or listen to, and phone calls that I didn’t answer and messages I didn’t listen to, think of all the people who could have been provided food, shelter, clothing, medical care or jobs.

Just imagine all the good that could have come if those millions of dollars had been spent in those areas.



Smart voters

I find it hilarious that all the liberal “Dem-wits” in Kansas and across this nation are crying foul with the outcome of the recent midterm elections.

Finally the smart voters in Kansas and across this nation woke up and said enough is enough with all the failed policies implemented by President Obama and carried out by the Democratic states.

The “gullible” voters who “drank the Kool-Aid” (Nov. 7 Letters to the Editor) got out and voted in a mass. They proved that hardworking Americans – who are trying to earn a decent living without looking for all the freebies and handouts that the current administration tries to use to get votes from the lazy and dumb – were tired of hearing the same old song and dance coming from the do-nothing anointed one.

Good for Kansas and great for America. Don’t be blue and red-faced, Democrats. You win some and you lose some and, man, did the GOP win some.



Treat equally

Byron Babione, the senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, greeted the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision Thursday to uphold a gay marriage ban for four states by saying that “the Constitution does not demand that one irreversible view of marriage be judicially imposed on everyone.” He apparently sees no irony in that statement.

What the Constitution does demand is equal treatment under our laws. No one is proposing that churches be required to condone or marry same-sex couples. But – according to the same Constitution cited by Babione – the federal government is barred from discrimination. It is not the job of American government to hold all citizens to one religious standard; we leave such insanity to the Middle East.

Whether one approves of gay marriage or not, “we the people” must continue to stand for a federal government that treats all of us equally – even when (especially when) it’s uncomfortable.



About benefits

The first sentence of “Marriage ban won’t hold” (Nov. 6 Eagle Editorial) said : “It’s clearly a matter of when and not whether same-sex couples will have the right to marry in Kansas.”

Well, OK. This is a controversial subject, but let’s make the issue clear. It is not a question of whether marriage should be allowed or will be allowed. It already is, and has been for more than 200 years. That is not the issue. Any same-sex couple can go to any church and be married, if the clergyman agrees. They can be married. A church I once attended has had married gay couples for more than 40 years.

The actual question is: What government benefits should same-sex couples receive? As of now in Kansas, couples receive none. That is a controversial question. But more important, that is the question. The Eagle and other news media should be more clear on that issue. It is not a question of whether same-sex marriage should be allowed. It is a question of what benefits the couples should receive.



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