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Gullible voters drank the Kool-Aid

Once again, a gullible public drank the Kool-Aid. For Wichita, 62 percent of voters believed the spin that a 1 percent sales tax somehow translated into a 14 percent tax increase. Half the state that voted for Gov. BrokeKansas – oh, excuse me – Gov. Brownback bought the lie that a huge tax cut for a few would lead to prosperity when all it has led to is a downgrade in Kansas’ credit rating and reduced services for everyone.

But not to worry. As long as you aren’t poor and don’t ride the bus, need job training, drive our streets or drink water, a “no” vote on the sales tax was no big deal. As long as you aren’t disabled or poor, who cares if Brownback ruined Medicaid by privatizing it and wants to do the same to Medicare? I guess folks who voted for him aren’t old or plan to be.

Why do people vote for folks who hate their jobs? Conservatives say government is the problem, yet spend millions to become part of it. How are those two points of view reconcilable – working for an institution you want destroyed? But maybe that’s the idea, to kill government from within. Creating utopia for the few over misery for the many is the plan, and with the help from a few misguided Kansans we’re well on our way.



Weren’t duped

Out of 105 counties in Kansas, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., limped to victory by winning only 102 of them. Perhaps independent candidate Greg Orman could have managed a better showing had gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden not exposed him as a Democrat poser. The subterfuge didn’t even work in Johnson County.

Apparently the Kansas electorate is not so easily duped.



Really smart

I guess voters must like the way Congress and the government have been working the past four years, because they re-elected the same obstructionists to go back to Washington, D.C. I guess it’s true that people hate Congress and think all the congressmen are idiots, but think their own idiots are OK.

We will continue to have the same obstructionism and dysfunction, with the party of “no” blocking all progress in Congress. The only difference is that both houses of Congress will now agree on bad bills to send to the president, who is sure to veto them because the last provision in many almost certainly will be “repeal Obamacare.” Then GOP lawmakers will blame the president for vetoing all their “good” bills. You can also count on Congress to waste its time and our money by voting to impeach the president.

Smart, Kansans. Really smart.



Protect vote

“Voting law falls hardest on young, low-income” (Nov. 4 Now Consider This) made some interesting comments regarding the state’s voter-registration law, saying: “When birth certificates or other documents must be obtained, the law functions like a poll tax as well as a deterrent.”

I want every eligible voter to exercise the right to vote. This is a precious right, as the blog item stated.

We agree that in order to vote in this country, a person must be a citizen. States have guidelines, but being a citizen is a requirement. I can fully appreciate how difficult it may be for many to obtain legal documents. As a naturalized citizen, I experienced the challenge of the existing law and had to submit a copy of my naturalization certificate.

I am not defending the current laws, but I have not seen a reasonable alternative that would guarantee that this “precious right” is exercised by only those who are eligible. The Eagle editorial board seems to care about those who are denied the right to vote, but dismisses the right of eligible voters not to have their votes canceled.

If one must be a citizen to vote, then I will expect some guidelines to make certain the law is properly enforced.



Name wrong

So much for photo ID preventing voter fraud. When I went to the polls, I showed my passport for identification and noticed that the video screen didn’t have “Jr.” after my surname. I pointed it out to the clerk. I mentioned that I had noticed the same thing at the primary election. I then called the Sedgwick County Election Office to report it and was told my name was on its record with “Jr.”

The election monitor asked if I had a driver’s license and said that showing it would make it easier. I told him it wouldn’t make any difference, because the “Jr.” was on both and the passport was official federal government ID as opposed to a state-issued license. It was suggested I submit a new form with the “Jr.” on it. I replied that the Election Office already had my name correct on its records and the problem was with the automated screen ID. I signed with the “Jr.” after my surname in spite of the screen not having it.


Rose Hill

Evil moniker

Can we all agree that continued use of the three letters that serial killer Dennis Rader adopted as his signature only aids his despoiled ego? I believe this serves no purpose for the victims or the community, and I personally feel that the use of that evil moniker should be taboo.



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