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Letters on passenger rail service, Palestine occupation, dressing modestly, killing geese, Les Donovan

Need competition in passenger rail

Regarding “Amtrak could cancel service through Kansas” (July 5 Eagle): Though I am supportive of passenger rail service, I am not a fan of Amtrak. It is costly and bureaucratic, and catching a train in Newton at 2 a.m. isn’t exactly enthralling.

I almost wish Amtrak could be dissolved in Kansas. I wish the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and Union Pacific could allocate some of their locomotives for passenger rail use on selected routes, on a no-frills basis. That would be better than the constraining choke hold that has made Amtrak stagnate, and it would bring back free enterprise to passenger rail service. Potential riders would benefit with more choices and options in the travel marketplace.



End occupation

I am a retired pastor in the United Church of Christ. I am very proud of the public and courageous action my church took on June 30 at our General Synod in Cleveland.

We passed, with an 80 percent majority, a resolution calling for action toward a just peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is based on a request from our Palestinian friends to get the church active in resolving the many illegal and violent actions in that Middle East conflict.

The resolution calls for a study of Kairos Palestine 2009, a document of faith, hope and love stirring within the heart of Palestinian suffering; the divestment from five named companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories; and the boycott of selected products produced in the occupied territories by Israeli companies. It also calls on Congress to ensure that aid to Israel – supported by U.S. taxpayers – violates neither the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act nor the U.S. Arms Export Control Act. The full document contains biblical, theological and historical background for the resolution.

I encourage congregational and community grassroots interfaith dialogue regarding the action of the UCC. I look forward to U.S. churches (United Methodist, Quaker, Presbyterian, UCC, others) joining other domestic and international organizations in the nonviolent, economic actions called “Boycott, Divest and Sanction” to end the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel.



Dress modestly

After same-sex marriage was legalized, I heard opponents say America is a Christian nation. I thought of the theocracy in some Muslim nations that require women and little girls to be covered up.

It used to be that the Christian thing to do was for U.S. women and their daughters to be covered up. But nowadays girls as young as 5 are pranced around in skimpy little clothes – not to mention their mothers, who are supposed to be examples. They have almost thong bikinis, and thong underwear for little girls.

If you are so upset about gay marriage and think this is a “Christian nation,” look at how America has exploited its women and children. Go back to the days of dressing modestly.



Kill everything

I completely agreed with the letter about how we should kill geese (“Nasty birds,” July 4 Letters to the Editor). After all, the pollution in the river probably does not come from industrial waste, sewage and wastewater, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, urban development or leakage from landfills. All these things are caused by humans and surely do not cause most of the pollution in the river – it has to be the geese.

In fact, since we, as humans, have the largest brains and the gift of language, I think we should be able to kill any other living creature that annoys us or inconveniences us. Your neighbor’s dog poops in your yard? Kill it. Your kid’s cat runs from you when you try to pet it? Kill it. A rooster crows to let you know the sun is up? Kill it. A rabbit is eating your garden? Kill it. You want to eat veal? It’s OK; someone will kill that innocent baby calf for you. Let’s go ahead and use more pesticides to kill the rest of the bees; they might sting us.

Let’s just kill everything.



Donovan impresses

The Eagle reported that Sen. Les Donovan, R-Wichita, was the only senator who turned down all of his compensation during the overtime legislative session (June 16 Now Consider This). As an Eagle reader, I have noticed that photos of Donovan always show him wearing a suit and tie. He dresses respectfully for what he considers a privilege and a duty to serve his state and country.

In fact, as an observer and acquaintance in his neighborhood, I have never seen Donovan act like anything but a fine gentleman. If he retires or chooses another path, I hope his constituents will realize and appreciate the high-caliber human Donovan has been in his representation of all he has served.



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