Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 19, 2019)

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Joseph Shepard

I am endorsing Joseph Shepard to take on the role of USD 259 School Board At Large member.

I have had the pleasure of working with Joseph on a lot of youth-involved projects. The impression that he leaves on young people is undeniable. He actively listens and engages them in conversations that make them feel empowered, and he inspires them to become actively involved in their communities.

Wichita leaders talk about how we can bring talent to Wichita. In Joseph you have a California transplant that came here for education and stayed to make Wichita his home — and he’s made a cemented investment in the city of Wichita. Even in adversity, he stood firm in his commitment to this city. In every single forum and candidates panel, he has been informed, educated and passionate about what USD 259 needs to move forward. Joseph hits every single mark in what I want for the youth that I encounter. He shows that you can grow roots here and achieve. We need a fresh voice on that board.

I endorse Joseph Shepard for USD 259.

Marquetta Atkins, Wichita

Becky Tuttle

I am writing a letter of support for Council member Becky Tuttle, who is running for re-election for Wichita City Council District 2. Becky has been a true champion of Wichita for many years, and her servant leadership has been evident in the many projects and initiatives she has seen come to fruition. In a large part thanks to Becky, prior to being on the City Council, Wichita now enjoys Bike Share ICT and clear indoor air free from tobacco smoke, among many other things. Tuttle has a passion for improving her community, and I believe she will continue her progress in bettering our community if re-elected.

Matt Thibault, Wichita

Beckie Jenek

It’s plain to see in west and south Wichita who is in league with Longwell. Blubaugh, Frye and Longwell signs all in a row. These partners with questionable ethics need to be replaced. Don’t put the same people in office and expect different results. Beckie Jenek will represent District 4 by listening to her constituents and with integrity.

Jan Manlove, Clearwater

Lyndy Wells

The mayor of Wichita should be deeply knowledgeable about Wichita’s institutions and businesses and should be honest and transparent about civic projects. Lyndy Wells is the candidate who best combines these qualities.

Lyndy has been the board chair of several organizations, including Ascension Health, WSU Tech, Prairie View, GWEDC and the Chamber of Commerce. For many years Lyndy was a senior executive at Intrust. I have known him for over 25 years and I know that he is a person of the highest moral integrity. With major projects underway, like the new water plant and the riverfront redevelopment, we need someone with this kind of experience. I urge voters to write-in for Lyndy.

Dwight Oxley, Wichita

President Trump

In response to the letter of Oct. 15 (“President Trump”): the author needs to know that there are plenty of us in middle America who are disgusted by Trump’s inexcusable behavior and attempted cover-up of this Ukraine scandal involving not only him but other government officials. No one on the left is in envy or fear of a Trump rally. He should enjoy them while he can, because there is sufficient credible evidence to impeach and remove him from office, which will eliminate any chance of having this loser in office for another term.

Kenneth Breeden, Wichita