Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 18, 2019)

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Becky Tuttle

I was pleased when Becky Tuttle was selected to fill the vacated District 2 seat on the Wichita City Council. I am even more delighted to cast my vote for Becky on Nov. 5.

My support for Becky isn’t based on a particular platform or promise, but instead the kind of leader I know her to be.

Becky is intelligent woman with both experience and a passion for serving others and making Wichita a healthier place to live, work and raise a family. She is a good listener who is open to others’ ideas and who puts principles ahead of personalities.

Again, I am not supporting Becky because of her position on any certain project, but because I know her to be a strong leader, consensus-builder and person of high energy and integrity.

She sees value in every member of our community and is unfailingly respectful to all in her actions and her words. She has my vote and for the good of our wonderful city, I hope you will give Becky Tuttle yours.

Roz Hutchinson, Wichita

Joseph Shepard

I am writing this letter to support Joseph Shepard for the Wichita School Board Member at Large position. I believe Mr. Shepard is the perfect person for the job. As a family friend, fellow church member, and former student of mine at Wichita State University, I can attest to his character and qualifications for this position.

Mr. Shepard wants what is best for all people from all backgrounds. He especially has this passion for young people. He is a man of service. Everything he does is based on whether it will positively impact or change his community. As a child and young adult, he learned that education was one of the best avenues for making change in his community.

I have watched him support, encourage and educate youth in the church, in the community, and within the schools. He does this diligently with a driven spirit. It is evident in his platform and actions that he wants to make sure that the systems in place support all students.

Mr. Shepard will bring a young and fresh perspective to the school board, and I know without a doubt he is the one for the job.

Natalie Toney, Wichita


Regarding the water treatment facility. It's funny how quickly Wichitans forget our water woes only a few years ago. Looking back the Eagle from 2014 we were more concerned about running out of water. Jeff Longwell was worried about a "yuck factor" and golf courses.

Ironically, if we would have done what we needed back in 2014 the options would have averaged $250 million and not half a billion — with a one cent sales tax and not the huge increase to water bills. It is all ludicrous.

James Winslow, Wichita

President Trump

In his letter to the editor on Tuesday, Mr. Bontrager, like many Trump supporters, erroneously refers to all opponents as “Trump haters.” It is not necessary or helpful to hate, but only necessary to describe objectively his repeat violations of the Constitution, his self-interest in foreign policy as in Turkey, his broadcast libeling of whomever he dislikes, his habitual falsifications, his juvenile temperament and behavior, and vindictiveness (hit me and I’ll hit you ten times harder). In Minnesota he put out four or five lies in 3 minutes. The crowd rejoiced in all of it. And that’s not a problem?

Harv Hiebert, North Newton