Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 13, 2019)

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The next time President Trump holds a campaign rally, the Democrats on the Congressional Oversight Committee, better known as the Impeach Trump for Anything Committee, should rise up and demand that the president be impeached for attempting to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Clearly, he's spending taxpayer dollars on security and travel when the only purpose for the rally is to change the outcome of the coming election.

Since it's clear that President Trump has violated multiple election laws by attempting to change the outcome of the 2020 election by holding a rally, every House Republican would have to agree to an impeachment vote.

At which point, only two possible outcomes would result. Either enough red state Democrats would vote not to impeach, fearing pushback from conservative voters in their state, or President Trump would be impeached, overwhelmingly along party lines. If President Trump were impeached in the House, along party lines, he would not be convicted in the Senate, also along party lines.

Then, almost everyone should be happy. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar can then say that she impeached the president, or words to that effect, and the never-ending impeachment witch hunt will be over.

Steve W. Cartwright, Derby

Assault rifles

People seem to prefer their assault rifles over kids. Any weapon that isn't for hunting or home protection should be banned from the public. If you're too lazy to reload after six shots, you don't need a gun. There should be a $100,000 sin tax on every gun that holds more than six shots, plus the same for every bullet sold.

The Second Amendment does not guarantee you the right to afford those kind of guns, only that you can own one. I am a gun owner, but the founding forefathers could not have imagined the kind of firepower we have today.

David Klingenberg, Wichita

Whipple and Jenek

The Wichita mayor and City Council water treatment plant actions are perfect — perfect examples of partisan politics bedded with big buck power.

Council members and the mayor can gloss over their heinous decisions, but lack of foresight, planning and honest, moral thought will likely result in an inferior, unsafe and dangerous water situation for Wichita and surrounding areas.

Two candidates, Brandon Whipple and Beckie Jenek can provide honest, honorable relief to the amoral behavior manifested by current city politicians.

Our health is more important than one more silver dollar in some fat cat's pocketbook.

Patrick Cantwell, Wichita

Democrats in power

If the Democrats gain control, virtually everything will be free, especially big-ticket items. So why do we need to raise the minimum wage?

Richard A. Hopper, Derby

Teachers and new citizens

Gather round and listen to the heartwarming story of 75 brand new American citizens, three classes of 4th graders from Wichita Collegiate School and their teachers.

I help the new citizens to register to vote with the League of Women Voters Wichita-Metro and the Daughters of the American Revolution. When I hand out the registration forms I tell them congratulations because it has taken time, money, and their work to get to that final stage. They and their families are dressed in their Sunday best and all of them are so excited. I was helping the newly Naturalized citizens when I noticed that they had 5x8 hand drawn and colored, and laminated United States of America flags. I noticed on the back of them that they came from 4 th grade students at Wichita Collegiate School. The next thing I knew all those 9 and 10 year old kiddos with their teachers were making their way out to their bus. I hadn’t realized that they were watching ceremony. Kudos to the students and their teachers. This experience put a face and voice to what is an immigrant.

High five to their creative teachers: Mamba Tibbals, Pam Armor and Cassandra Timko.

Ellen Fiedler Estes, Wichita