Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 12, 2019)

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Kansas Census adjustment

In this busy harvest season, we want to remind Kansans to vote in the Nov. 5 election. Municipal elections play a key role in determining leadership in your community, but voter participation is at disturbingly low levels.

As part of the election, voters will be asked to approve eliminating the census adjustment. After numerous attempts over several decades, the Legislature passed SCR1605 with bi-partisan supermajorities to eliminate a provision in the Kansas Constitution requiring the State to adjust census numbers for military personnel and college students.

The adjustment is antiquated, burdensome and expensive. Even though the Census Bureau is responsible for counting individuals where they reside, the adjustment requires the Secretary of State to also contact military personnel and college students to determine their official residence in a manner contradictory to the Census Bureau. Kansas is the only state that adjusts census numbers — a practice that takes three to six months, involves hundreds of hours of state worker time and costs approximately $835,000.

First, we ask you to vote on Nov. 5. Second, please consider supporting this measure to help make better use of state resources.

If we can be of assistance to you, please call 785.296.4575 or email Scott.Schwab@ks.gov.

Scott Schwab, Kansas Secretary of State

President Trump

I think Trump is playing the U.S. like a harp. He either is incapable of learning (see Mueller report) or he has once again intentionally tried to use foreign powers to affect an election so it benefits him personally. He calculated that he would not be impeached because of the Republican majority in the Senate, and he would force the Democratic House to begin impeachment, which would cause sympathy for him.

All this while sending more ridiculous conspiracy theory into the ether (see Birther Conspiracy and Lock Her Up) about the leading candidate running against him that his constituents will swallow, without the slightest discernment.

All this while his own children continually do the exact thing (Ivanka in China) he is calling for Hunter Biden to be investigated for.


Gail Fisher, Wichita

Convention center

It’s time to build a new convention center with a cost of no less than nine hundred million dollars. This can be easily funded by a 10 percent tax on all food and beverage, alcohol included, paid by the rich and the poor without regard to ability to pay. This will give everyone, citizen or inhabitant, the same great pride in our new big metal box that we build, which will last forever. Forever being 12 years, according to the green new dealers.

Arthur Glass, Wichita

Jerry Moran

Sen. Jerry Moran is a hoot. He complained that Democrats are wasting time mounting an inquiry into President Trump’s possibly unconstitutional communications with foreign powers when they should be directing their efforts to important national business, as does his virtuous GOP.

Meanwhile, the major efforts of President Trump and the GOP are focused on: Investigating all the present and former US State Department employees who ever sent an email to former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, calling prime ministers and presidents around the world to lobby them to investigate the Mueller investigation, trying to dig up dirt on all Trump’s political opponents and their families, reading and decoding 20 to 100 or so Trump tweets a day, and concocting position papers about the virtues of such brutes and murderers as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud.

Good day’s work, GOP.

Novelene Ross, Wichita